1,062 active COVID-19 cases in Brazos County, 63 new cases reported today

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -The Brazos County Health District has reported 63 additional positive cases of COVID-19 in Brazos County. Currently there are 1,062 active cases.

No new deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. There have been 200 total deaths in Brazos County related to COVID-19.

15,408 patients are classified as recovering, meaning they have been fever-free for 72 hours without antipyretic medication, and that has been 10 days after symptom onset.

51 percent of the newly confirmed cases originate from the age group 18-24 years.

There have been 3,490 probable cases in Brazos County since June 18, 2020. A probable COVID-19 case is determined by a positive antigen test. Confirmed COVID-19 cases are determined by a positive PCR test. The health area conducts case investigations of all confirmed and probable cases.

There are currently 242 active probable cases and there have been 3,196 probable recovered cases.

The total number of confirmed positive cases in the county since the test started is 16,670. 174,439 tests have been performed.

Brazos County’s total hospital occupancy rate is 82 percent, and total ICU occupancy rate is 113 percent.

Currently, there are 30 Brazos County residents hospitalized due to COVID-19.

State Trauma Service Area N

Most of the Brazos Valley falls under state trauma service area N (Counties Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington). Trauma Service Area N currently reports 632 staffed hospital beds with 105 beds available. According to the latest state data, the region has 4 available ICU beds and 71 available fans. The state’s last update listed 65 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patients currently in the hospital.


Amt Current cases In any case Recovered cases Death A dose
Austin 74 1,716 th most common 1,614 th most common 27 3,235 993
Brazoer 1,062 th most common 16,670 15,408 200 15,735 th most common 4,371
Burleson 588 2157 1,548 th most common 31 1,463 490
Grimes 673 3,296 2,579 59 1,661 552
Houston 78 1,503 1,387 th most common 36 1,457 763
Lee 428 1,905 1,440 th most common 36 1,052 391
Leon 298 1,496 1,162 36 750 341
Madison 205 1,841 th most common 1,612 th most common 24 612 243
Milam 70 1,284 1,214 36 1,964 1,122
Montgomery 5,308 42,810 th most common 20,267 229 42,887 17,907
Robertson 452 1,960 1,476 32 1,246 344
San Jacinto 215 918 679 24 1,663 638
Trinity 79 625 528 20 1,513 th most common 541
Walker 378 7,379 7,478 103 3,851 1,457
Waller 157 3,260 3,067 37 2,733 883
Washington 996 3,565 2,490 80 4,421 1,008

That Texas State COVID-19 Dashboard has undergone some updates and has changed how they define numbers. Consolidated cases are now the combination of confirmed cases and probable cases.

Click to view the state’s COVID-19 vaccine dashboard here.

For the latest updates from TDCJ, Click here.

Texas A&M University

That Texas A&M COVID-19 Dashboard reported 59 new cases and 549 active cases on February 1st.

Currently, the university has reported 1,946 positive cases since the week of January 9, 2021. 8.3 percent of the tests have returned positive.

The last update of the dashboard was delivered on February 10, 2021.


[View the state’s coronavirus dashboard for the latest COVID-19 case information.]

[View the state’s COVID-19 vaccine dashboard]

Statewide, Texas has estimated 272,649 active cases and 2,220,233 recoveries. A total of 2,553,127 cases and a total of 21,852,664 tests (both viral and antibody) have been reported.

To date, 40,095 Texans have died from COVID-19.

Currently, 2,861,794 Texans have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 1,103,007 Texans have been fully vaccinated. Across Texas, 4,597,600 doses have been shipped.

254 of the 254 counties in the state of Texas are currently reporting cases. Harris County leads the state in total with 333,279 reported cases.

The state’s last update was delivered on February 13 at. 14:00

Editor’s Note: Leon County updates their cases every Wednesday. KBTX uses the Daily Dashboard, which is updated daily, for a more accurate reading of cases.

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