A radical change is coming to the way major credit cards work

  • The credit cards that dominate the spending habits of so many consumers, from companies ranging from Mastercard to Visa and even Apple with its Apple card, are slowly changing the look and feel that consumers have come to expect from these card products.
  • Credit cards are increasingly gaining a vertical direction.
  • This comes when apps like TikTok and Instagram acclimatize the world to a vertically scrolling feed, and it also reflects how most consumers still use their credit cards – for example, by inserting them into chip readers vertically.

Here’s something I bet you’re not going to get: TikTok and Instagram are such pervasive cultural forces in the world today that they’re quietly starting to influence the design of – credit cards, of all things.

In recent days, PayPal has released new debit and credit cards vertical designs to his Venmo app, which a business executive said was partly inspired by the popular orientation of the popular social media apps. Daniela Jorge, Vice President of Design at PayPal, told Bloomberg in a recent interview that this is how the whole world thinks now. And what people’s expectations are for apps and consumer products like credit cards. “The world around us is becoming more of the portrait mode and the vertical orientation,” said Jorge.

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In addition to PayPal, major banks are already moving in this direction. Bank of america, the second largest provider of payment card products in the United States, was one of the first to adopt a standing payment card. Likewise, Discovery Bank began offering vertical credit cards in 2018. And the reasons why we should expect this trend to continue, with more banks applying a vertical style to their card products, include the fact that this with the advent of chip readers and print- pay-as-you-go functionality is how most people already handle their cards.

With a chip reader, for example, the credit card is inserted vertically into the reader. As digital wallets increase in popularity – with cardholders increasingly using a digital version of their credit card stored in their smartphone – the phone becomes the device the consumer pays with instead of a physical card. And phones are used vertically, of course. When Apple released its new credit card product Apple cards, I do not even bother to get a physical version of the card at all. I signed up and was approved for the credit card that I store in my iPhone’s wallet app and use it vertically as I simply wave the phone in front of a card reader.

Think about it, the last time you handed your card to someone to swipe horizontally through a reader. It’s probably been a while, hasn’t it? Now consider that two years after these smart payment chip-enabled cards were introduced, Experian says, US banks have issued more than 855 million of them. By the way, they are called EMV cards, which originally stood for Europay, Mastercard and Visa – the credit card companies that created this new payment standard.

“Switching our debit cards to a vertical layout is about more than just what the cards look like,” said Bank of America chief consumer and small business executive, April Schneider. Bloomberg. “The vertical layout sets the debit card apart from other cards used by clients, and the addition of tap-to-pay makes the card faster and more secure to use at the checkout in the store.”

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Andy is a reporter in Memphis who also contributes to businesses like Fast Company and The Guardian. When not writing about technology, he can be found bent on protecting over his budding collection of vinyl as well as nurturing his whovianism and binge in a series of TV shows that you probably do not like.

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