An American is alleged to have been kidnapped in Jamaica. Authorities say it was a lie.

Authorities in Jamaica have asked the public to stop sharing posts on social media claiming an American woman was kidnapped there and said Sunday that she “was not in any danger either.”

The woman, Kalina Collier, had tested positive for coronavirus when she arrived in Jamaica and was placed in isolation in accordance with the country’s Covid-19 prevention protocols. Jamaican authorities said.

Police visited her on Saturday and decided, “that she is not, nor was at any time in any danger,” the Jamaica Constabulary Force said in a statement Sunday.

Authorities are warning people to “refrain from sharing social media claiming Collier has been kidnapped,” adding that sharing false information could constitute an offense under the law, according to the statement.

“Police claim the information is baseless and vicious,” it said.

Many people had used hashtags #KalinaCollier and alleged that she had been kidnapped or held against her will.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force said Sunday that Collier “remains in isolation and awaits medical clearance” to return home.

Representatives from the Department of Health, the Jamaica Tourist Board and local police had been in contact with his mother, who was traveling to Jamaica, authorities said.

Collier was expected to fly out of Jamaica on Sunday after her 14-day quarantine, The Gleaner reported.

Collier did not immediately return a request for an interview Monday.

In a announcement sent to her Instagram account, she wrote: “I said a long time ago that I was never missed, nor was I kidnapped.

“I have tried to remain silent because this is something that will be handled legally and because the response to my situation was absolutely overwhelming,” she wrote, adding that after testing negative for Covid-19, “the hotel continued to cover their tracks when the word came out and forced me to stay at the resort for the rest of my ‘quarantine’. “

It is unclear what negative test she is referring to.

She claimed that she was “harassed by the hotel for making a statement, for saving face for them” and that it “seemed like everything I said was a lie.”

Collier said she had previously shared her experience on Instagram Live. It is unclear what she said during Instagram Live.

“I understand that I went live and reached out for help, but my story is now beginning to be told to me, and I have not,” she wrote.

Her statement concluded: “The evidence is in pudding and I have nothing more to say about this situation. Thank you to those who were actually concerned.”

According to the government Covid-19 dashboard, Jamaica has reported 18,232 cases and 362 deaths.

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