Android’s two-factor approval prompt will finally be dark state

Google is rolling out a new update to its two-factor authentication prompt on Android, which adds dark mode support (along with a new material-design-style look), via 9to5Google.

Is this objectively a minor cosmetic update in the big scheme of things? Yes. Is it nice not to be blown away with retinal-hurting white light when your two-factor authentication prompt comes up while trying to log in to something in pitch black darkness? Also yes.

The old (left) and new (right) two-factor authentication are prompted for Android
Image: 9to5Google

In addition to the less dazzling hue, the new update also includes a few other minor cosmetic changes, including Google’s custom Google Sans font for the user interface and colorful red and green icons on the login buttons.

The new update seems to be rolling out slowly for Android owners – 9to5Google reports that it is available on personal Google Accounts, but not for those with Google Workspace accounts.

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