‘Better safe than sorry’: Shoppers have stock before ice storms Sunday

With ice storms looming Sunday, flocks of people made their way to grocery stores across northern Alabama to stockpile.

The only thing that was common among those who had full wagons was a desire not to be on the roads when it got icy. While the weather can be unpredictable, shoppers said you can never be too careful.

“It does not hurt to have more than I need. It’s not going to hurt to get it in advance and certainly not hurt to stock up, ”said Bryanna Mckinney Marshall, loading her suitcase at Walmart.

Around Huntsville, grocery store parking lots were busy places on Sunday. Customers in the stores filled their carts with the goods they want to be sure they have when bad weather finds its way through the region.

“Star Market ham and bacon, eggs,” Emily Burwell said, listing her “essentials.”

Most customers at Star Super Market said they were just out shopping their regular grocery store, but Burwell certainly had stocking up.

She said she is afraid of driving in icy conditions and cited the recent 100-car pileup in Texas as a reason she plans to stay off the roads. Relying on the prognosis, she is just extra careful.

“Sometimes it does not happen. But once I did not think it would happen, and it happened, so it is best to be prepared, ”she said.

At Walmart, shoppers went out with carts filled with bottled water, toilet paper and snacks.

Mckinney Marshall said she also plans to avoid driving. She lined up to get her family through the storm and then some to avoid repercussions.

“Being prepared is just the way we always have,” she said. “You never know, it might just be a mild storm, but then again, it could be like your worst nightmare, so I say better than sorry.”

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