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HB 122 will lower premiums and deductibles and expand coverage to an estimated 23,000 uninsured new Mexicans

New legislation to provide affordable health care to tens of thousands of new Mexicans will be put to a full vote in Parliament. It passed its final House committee today, Taxation and Revenue, with a 7-2 party line vote.

Sponsored by rep. Deborah Armstrong (D – Albuquerque) House Bill 122 Reduces Health Insurance Costs for New Mexicans and Dramatically Expands Coverage by:

  • Establishment of an affordable health fund to provide new revenue for a quality assurance plan for all new Mexicans.
  • To bring in more than $ 115 million in revenue for the fund by replacing the federal health insurance premium tax, which was recently abolished with a state tax on the same insurance companies that received the tax relief.

This bill expands health coverage, especially for new Mexicans who need it most and do not have access now, reducing costs for everyone.

“This legislation is making affordable health care a reality for tens of thousands of new Mexicans,” the rep said. Debbie Armstrong. “More than 23,000 uninsured new Mexicans will have access to coverage, and thousands of already insured new Mexicans will see lower premiums and deductions. We have an incredible opportunity to expand good, affordable care in our state, and it’s time we seized it. ”

New Mexicans say affordability is their biggest barrier to health care. According to a 2019 study by the United States of Care, more than a third of new Mexicans have skipped or rejected a recommended medical test because they could not afford it and compromised public health.

The New Mexico Health Care Affordability Fund would be used to reduce health care and deductibles for new Mexicans who purchase insurance through the state health insurance exchange. It would lower prices for those already covered and bring costs down to a level that thousands of uninsured new Mexicans can afford.

Many working new Mexicans earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but insurance costs are still out of reach. HB 122 will estimate 23,000 people who fall into this coverage gap with access to affordable insurance.

HB 122 also represents millions of dollars in savings across the state health care system. Right now, the cost of providing emergency care to uninsured patients is borne across the system. By providing coverage to more new Mexicans, expensive uncompensated care will be greatly reduced.

Public members can track legislation New Mexico Legislative Site, access committee meetings and meetings on the floor of the house via Webcasts tab, or join Zoom to provide public comment on the committee’s hearings. During the Legislative Session in 2021, the House of Representatives is focused on adopting critical legislation while protecting the health and safety of the public, staff and legislators.

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