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If you are a regular reader of our site and newsletters, you may have noticed many smiling faces recently. In almost all cases, these faces are linked to stories announcing that the owners of these faces were recently promoted or redistributed due to an internal restructuring of the companies in which they work.

Every day recently, our employees ’email inboxes are flooded with this rising tide of staff announcements. Certainly there is always something of this type of activity, but the pace and volume have increased dramatically. And after almost 30 years covering countless industries and businesses of all stripes and sizes, I can say with some degree of confidence that it is neither random nor random.

It’s positioning.

There are certain usual moments in business when things change, where industries turn on their axis and everything is different on the other side. We’re reviewing one of those moments right now. It is easy to point to COVID-19, the shutdowns last spring and the changes in consumer demand and the supply chain.

But it confuses catalyst with causality.

The ongoing changes go back further than the last 12 months and run deeper than adapting to the aftermath of short-term supply and demand disruptions. The shifts we are currently reviewing are generational, both because they reflect demographic trends, but also because they represent the types of shifts that typically occur once in a generation.

Myriad incremental and seemingly diverse technological developments are coming together to redefine business practices, production methods, marketing, communications, and lifestyles. No business area or daily life will be left untouched. And those who can adapt will rise to leadership in the time to come.

And those who can not …

That’s what the next few years will decide. And it’s jockeying for position we are witnessing. Who defines the future of buyer and seller engagement? What will tomorrow’s “markets” look like? Or shops? Where will the fusion of physical and virtual spaces lead, and who will lead us there? Are the products for tomorrow’s homes manufactured in new markets around the world or printed on the first steps before delivery and installation? Will the urbanization that has defined the last two decades be reversed by a pandemic-induced diaspora? And what does this mean for the future of living space?

The answers to these and many related questions will take years, if not decades to answer. In the short term, major shifts are underway that will see massive share change hands across all segments of the company in the next 18 to 24 months.

When looking at the movement of faces, the creation or elimination of roles and titles, it is worth taking a moment to place the implications of these changes, to see those who get their pieces in position for a daring offensive or strengthen their defenses. to spell from a competitor attack in preparation for a counter.

There is considerable jockeying for position along the way. Stick around. This will be an active year.

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