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TipRanks2 "Strong Buy" Penny stocks that could accumulate over 100%Bank of America has a strong reputation for keeping its finger on the pulse of the financial world - and one of its key tools is the Global Fund Manager Survey, which is conducted monthly and...
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Warning about the stock market crisis

I am shocked by the similarities between now and 12 months ago in the stock market. In the chart below, you will see how prices follow an almost perfect repeat ahead of the 2020 jump. If the connection continues, we could see a sharp sales event in late February. S&P 500 ETF (SPY) CLOSEUP: I closely monitor stocks for signs of a potential peak. Below are the three steps for confirmation. Step 1) Forms a turn high (end during previous session low). Step 2) Completion during 10-day EMA. Step 3) A finish below the 385 level (S & P500 =…

Check out Simpsons Intro, which has been recreated with stock footage only

That is it not quite the same with regular live-action footage, is it? The Simpsons have been such a big part of American culture for so long that almost everyone who's ever seen the show knows how the opening of the show goes, and could probably tell others what's going on, move on, and in some case might even be able to nail it down to the other. It is not much of a surprise, however, that this may not translate so well into real life, as some of the things going on in the intro are not entirely certain,…

Announces: Methanol Chemicals (TADAWUL: 2001) Stock requirements have increased 136% in the last five years

The most you can lose on any stock (provided you do not use leverage) is 100% of your money. But when you choose a company that is truly thriving, you can make more than 100%. E.g Methanol Chemicals Company (TADAWUL: 2001) the share price has risen by 136% in the last half decade. Most would be very happy with it. Also satisfactory for shareholders was the gain of 16% in the last three months. Check out our latest analysis for Methanol Chemicals As Methanol Chemicals has not made a profit in the last twelve months, we will focus on revenue… Inc. stock fell Thursday and is still surpassing the market

Shares in Inc. CRM, -0.26% fell 0.26% to $ 247.01 on Thursday, what turned out to be an all-around bad trading session for the stock market with the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.44% falling 0.44% to 3,913.97 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.38% decreasing 0.38% to 31,493.34. This was the stock's second losing day in a row. Inc. closed $ 37.49 below the 52-week high ($ 284.50) that the company reached on September 2nd. The stock showed a mixed performance compared to some of its competitors on Thursday when Microsoft Corp. MSFT, -0.17% fell 0.17% to…

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