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A few overturned winds are visible at the prehistoric stone circle of Waun Mawn in Wales. A. Stanford, Member of Parliament Pearson one. eel., Antiquity, 95, 379: 85-103 (2021) By Andrew Curry11 February 2021, 19:01 Around 3200 BC. Stone Age peasants in Wales Preseli Hills...
The first image of Mars taken by Tianwen-1 taken 2.2 million kilometers away Xinhua / Xinhua via Getty Images By Paul VoosenFebruary 10, 2021, 10:40 After a six-month trip to China Tianwen-1 robot spacecraft- the country's first interplanetary mission - today successfully entered orbit around...
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Astronomy studies aim to increase the pace with the army of small robots

Hundreds of fibers, arranged by hand, capture light at the Sloan Digital Sky Survey's New Mexico telescope. DAN LONG / APACHE POINT OBSERVATORY By Daniel CleryFebruary 3, 2021, 15.25 It was one of the strangest and more monotonous jobs in astronomy: connecting optical fibers in hundreds of holes in aluminum plates. Each day, technicians with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) prepared up to 10 plates that were placed that night in focus for the survey telescopes in Chile and New Mexico. The holes matched the exact positions of stars, galaxies, or other bright objects in the telescopes' vision. Light…

Neanderthal-inspired ‘minibrains’ suggest what makes modern humans special

Once attached to a plate, organoid neurons in the brain (yellow) disperse among other cells called astrocytes (blue). Muotri Lab / University of California, San Diego By Elizabeth Pennisi11 February 2021, 14:00 What is it about DNA that makes the human brain "human?" Trying to understand how our complex brains evolved, scientists have now switched a single human gene next to its Neanderthal counterpart in brain tissue grown in a laboratory dish. Changes in the resulting organoid reveal the role that this gene may have played in ancient - and modern - brain development. "This is among the first studies…

The world’s largest COVID-19 drug trial identifies another compound that reduces the risk of death

Tocilizumab, which suppresses the immune system, is 100 times more expensive than dexamethasone, another drug that reduces mortality from COVID-19. Marc Bruxelle / Alamy Stock Photo By Kai KupferschmidtFebruary 11, 2021, at 15.30 Science''s COVID-19 reporting is supported by the Heising-Simons Foundation. The world's largest trial of COVID-19 drugs has brought more good news: The anti-inflammatory drug tocilizumab reduced the risk of death for people hospitalized due to the disease, reduced their need for a mechanical ventilator and shortened time spent in the hospital, United Kingdom investigators Kingdom Recovery trial was announced today at a press conference. A pre-print on…

Landmark survey of 7,000 police officers in Chicago shows that non-white officers stop fewer and use less force

The shooting of Laquan McDonald in 2014 by Chicago police sparked protests. Armando L. Sanchez /Chicago Tribune/ Tribune News Service via Getty Images By Douglas Starr11 February 2021, 14:00 Bocar Ba spent a good portion of his youth "crib" from police, he says. University of California, Irvine, an economist grew up in the infamous banlieues of Paris, and as a young black man, he often encountered law enforcement in ways that most scholars do not. Years later, he continued to think about police behavior and its impact on civilians as a doctoral student in public policy at the University of…

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