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Trump’s lawsuit against Senate persecution is over, but the 2020 election is not

WASHINGTON - A lawsuit against Donald Trump is over again.The election in 2020? Not so much.The November competition was not close - Joe Biden won it by more than 7 million votes - but its aftermath and the losing candidate continue to cast a shadow over American politics in general and the Republican Party in particular. Although a majority in the Senate voted to convict Trump of inciting an uprising, one that led to last month's deadly attack on the Capitol, the former president on Saturday avoided the two-thirds majority required for persuasion by having the support of a solid…

Winter storm wall issued. Up to 8 inches of snow and sleet can fall in Thursday’s storm.

That National Weather Service has issued a winter storm wall to 17 New Jersey counties ahead of a storm expected to dump 4 to 8 inches snow and sleet all over our region on Thursday and early Friday along with a thick layer of ice in some areas.That winter storm wall covers all of northern New Jersey, most of central New Jersey and the western region of South Jersey. It is effective from early Thursday morning to Friday afternoon, with the exact times varying from region to region.ALSO: When does the snow start? Latest update on timing, tracks for 'slop-party'…

Japan begins rollout of vaccine on Wednesday

Japan's Minister for Covid-19 Vaccinations, Taro Kano, speaks at a press conference in Tokyo on February 16, 2021. Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP via Getty Images Japan will begin vaccinating its healthcare workers on Wednesday with 40,000 doctors and nurses from 100 hospitals across the country receiving Pfizer-BioNTech according to the head of Japan's vaccine rollout Taro Kano.Of those 40,000, we have asked 20,000 doctors and nurses to keep a diary of their health conditions, temperature, headaches and whatever happens to them, "Kano said. We monitor them for 21 days, then they get another shot from March 10th. ”After the first…

Oxford University launches COVID-19 vaccine study in children aged 6 to 17

In an important step towards completion coronavirus pandemic, children as young as 6 years will be tested with Vaccine against covid-19. The University of Oxford has launched a new study to assess the safety of its vaccine with AstraZeneca in children for the first time. In a new announcement, the university says the trial will assess the immune response in children aged 6 to 17, an age group affected difficult at school closures due to the pandemic. About 300 volunteers are enrolled and are expected to receive their first inoculations this month. In the single-blind, randomized study, up to 240…

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