Chicago Area Schools Announce Closures Move to E-Learning Amid Winter Storm

As heavy snow is expected to hammer in the Chicago area through Tuesday morning, dozens of school districts have canceled lessons or announced they will move to e-learning due to the weather.

According to recent updates from the Emergency Closing Center website, several districts have announced that they will either cancel lessons altogether or move to e-learning due to the severe weather.

Here is a complete list of the schools that have announced closures.

You can find the latest information on the ECC website.

All personal classes at Chicago Public Schools will also be canceled on Tuesday, with these classes transitioning to distance learning.

Several area colleges have also announced the cancellation of personal classes, including DeKalbs Northern Illinois University. All classes after kl. 17 Monday moves online the rest of the day.

All personal classes at the University of Chicago have been canceled from 6 p.m. 14.30 Monday and these cancellations run until noon on Tuesday.

Non-essential activities are also canceled.

City Colleges of Chicago announced that all personal classes will be canceled Tuesday, with some moving to personal learning.

DePaul University campus Lincoln Park and Loop closes Monday night and remains closed Tuesday due to bad weather, according to university officials.

All personal classes are canceled and online classes are allowed to resume as scheduled. The school encourages personal classes to transition to distance learning if possible.

The University of Illinois-Chicago campus closes at 16 Monday, the school announced on social media.

Kankakee Community College closes its facilities at 14 Monday and remains closed Tuesday. All learning is being moved to distance learning format, the school said.

All facilities at Purdue University Northwest and Indiana University Northwest are also closed due to bad weather.

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