David Perdue filed in 2022 against Raphael Warnock

Former Republican Senator David Perdue of Georgia ran for office in 2022 against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock.

Warnock defeated nominated Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler in a January 5 runoff election to fill the remainder of a vacated period of six years.

Perdue lost his own run-off election on January 5 against Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff, who will only run for re-election until 2026.

Perdues tab tipped the Senate’s balance sheet to Democrats. The 50-50 Senate is led by Democrats with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties.

The former senator submitted for re-election with the Federal Election Commission, but did not send a statement to Twitter Monday night. His previous campaign page is inactive.

Perdue served a term in the Senate and lost re-election in the midst of a bitter fall from the November 3 election.

President Biden narrowly won Georgia, but former President Donald Trump claimed it was the result of fraud and slapped the state’s GOP governor and foreign minister.

Perdue, 71, is a former outsourcing expert and former CEO of Dollar General. His cousin, Sonny Perdue, is a former governor of Georgia who served as Trump’s secretary of agriculture.

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