First look at the foldable iPhone (iPhone Flip) – most radical iPhone ever –

Over the past few months, there have been several reports of Apple’s first folding phone ever. According to one latest report, Apple is working on its first collapsible phone, and it will arrive in 2023 at the earliest. The latest report by Jon Prosser shows that Apple is “done” with the form factor for the new collapsible iPhone. In the video, it is basically a “iPhone Flip“. In addition, the launch strategy for this device will be a surprise.

According to Prosser, Apple is not using the popular “phone-to-tablet” design for its first collapsible phone. “[Apple] leans heavily in favor of a seashell [iPhone design], … My sources are not quite sure why, all they know is that the seashell now gets most of the attention on it behind the scenes … [and] gets raised behind the scenes in terms of a production line … One of the goals of this collapsible clamshell-style iPhone is to offer it in multiple colors, as fun colors similar to the base model iPhones … which tells us who this phone wants be marketed against. ”

The colors that appear to be smaller are probably one of the most interesting aspects of this recent leak. In terms of price, there is a small surprise. According to Jon Prosser, the collapsible iPhone could cost $ 1,499. This is cheaper than some foldable smartphones on the market. However, this price is too good to be true. Given that the iPhone 13 top model could cost up to $ 1500, this price is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, a “cheap” collapsible iPhone could be a game-changer for Apple.

Could this be the reason why the company chooses clamshell (flip) design? The size of the device can be iPhone 12 mini, and after the flip it gets bigger. Then it can reveal the phone-to-tablet (obviously more expensive) foldable iPhone.

As for the launch date, Jon Prosser’s previous launch requirement is for September 2022. However, he also believes that Apple’s plan may change.

So far, all reports claim that the first collapsible iPhone comes with a Samsung flexible OLED panel. In addition, Apple will drop the notch that it introduced with the iPhone X in 2017. The entire front is completely free of any sensor. Moreover, the frames on all four sides are almost the same. However, it is important to note that this description does not originate from the official image. The real deal may be significantly different.

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