Geojit joins Lotusdew to launch a small basket of medium-sized stocks using AI as part of its Smartfolios platform

Through its Smartfolios platform, Geojit Financial Services Ltd has teamed up with Lotusdew, a SEBI and US SEC regulated firm, to offer a basket of stocks using behavioral financing and AI to identify dominant market beliefs. Through this partnership, Geojit will offer a new small and medium-sized basket of stocks called Lotusdew Prestige, which analyzes corporate events such as M&A announcements, earnings surprises, order backlogs, dividends, stock splits, etc. To identify profitable stocks. This is in stark contrast to the traditional methods of basic and technical analysis used by most investment service firms.

Lotusdew’s know-how helps investors identify and benefit from future stock behavior. Lotusdew Prestige is sector neutral and adapts to index changes. The curve, which currently amounts to approx. 80% of small-cap and 20% of mid-cap, cover several high-growth sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, software and consumer lending.

Lotusdew Prestige fills the gap for an investment basket in the aggressive – long-term category of investors. Investors in this scheme will be informed of any changes in the stock mix so that they can be assured that the portfolio is actively managed by professionals.

“For over three decades, we have been offering a wide range of trading and investment products. Investors are currently showing a strong intention to spread risk and expand their investment horizon across market coverage. There has been a significant increase in demand from HNWIs. “Our AI-enabled and insight-driven investment platform helps them explore small and medium-sized stocks that require high profitability,” said Satish Menon, CEO, Geojit.

Smartfolios from Geojit is an online investment platform with system-generated recommendations, where investors can choose between differentiated stock curves based on their risk profile, investment horizon and investment form. At present, Geojit offers 10 differentiated stock curves, each with a different mix of stocks, sectors and market ceilings.

Speaking on Smartfolios’ Lotusdew Prestige, Jones George, Chief Digital Officer of Geojit, said: “At the moment, we can see that there is a lot of interest among investors to enter the stock market and more young people have started trading. What do Smartfolios’ attraction for new as well as experienced investors is that it offers trouble-free order execution, timely recommendations for rebalancing / restructuring baskets with stocks, no minimum inventory period and no paperwork. “

Lotusdew Prestige has a history with a total return of 56.22 percent since its inception (January 2017) against the Nifty Small Cap 50 index’s 20.95 percent. The CAGR for the Lotusdew Prestige is 12.68 percent against the Nifty Small Cap 50 index’s 3.94 percent over the same period until January 31st. The return in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 34.22 percent. The smallest investment lot in Lotusdew Prestige is Rs. 5 lakhs and the client can choose to invest directly through the Smartfolios platform.

“We are excited to partner with Geojit and provide AI-enabled and behavioral funding services on their platform. Given the tremendous respect that the Geojit brand holds among the investor community, we are confident that their customers will enjoy investing in Lotusdew Prestige, “said Abhishek Banerjee. , CEO, Lotusdew.

The shares of Geojit Financial Services Ltd traded at the end of the BSE at Rs 56.05 compared to the previous close of Rs. 57.55. The total number of shares traded during the day was 149916 in over 1302 trades.

The stock hit an intraday high of Rs. 58.95 and intraday low of 55.45. Net revenue during the day was Rs. 8678569.

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