Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo achieved full recovery from Covid-19

Western lowland gorilla, Winston, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, on February 11th. Tammy Spratt / San Diego Zoo Global

Eight gorillas at the San Diego Zoo have received full recovery after entering into Covid-19 last month, the zoo said.

The western lowland gorillas captured the west coast of coronavirus, zoological officials say, despite team members complying with all recommended biosafety precautions.

All eight gorillas in the zoo were isolated after diagnosis, some of which showed symptoms that included “mild cough, congestion, nasal discharge and intermittent lethargy,” the zoo said in an online update.

Zoo officials recognize the gorillas’ recreation to the “highest standard of care” offered by the zoo’s veterinary team, animal care staff and a partnership with a wide range of colleagues and partners.

“We are so grateful for the radiant care and support we received while the troop recovered safely,” said Lisa Peterson, CEO of San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “We are excited to share the joy that this beloved group brings to our community and our guests.”

The San Diego Zoo has committed to sharing coronavirus evidence in its gorillas with the hope that it will help “provide important information about the scientific understanding of the virus and its effect on great apes.”

The gorillas can now be seen by visitors.

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