How ERCOT prepared for the winter storm of Texas in 2021

ERCOT, the agency that oversees the state’s power grid, declared the state of Texas at the highest energy case Sunday night.

HOUSTON – We all expected the icy weather, but we did not expect the widespread power outages.

ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) said it had restored power to half a million homes Monday night, but more than 4 million remain in the dark.

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How did this happen?

On Friday, ERCOT said they were working on power generators to ensure they followed their winter weather procedures. They made sure they were ready to go if they were called as the demand for power grew.

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That day, ERCOT said it had enough power to supply Texans and that it did not implement any emergency procedures.

When asked if there were any talks about planned power outages, an ERCOT spokesman said: “At this point, we do not know if they are already planning to cut off. No, I do not have this information.

Asked if there was a likelihood that we could lose power next week, the spokesman said they could not speculate on “what will happen next week.”

But on Sunday, ERCOT, the agency that oversees the state’s electricity grid, declared the state of Texas at the highest energy level due to lower power supply and high demand due to extremely low temperatures during the winter storm.

ERCOT said there may be a need for power savings. The spokesman said ERCOT was prepared for the situation to get worse.

Monday afternoon, when asked if they were surprised that so many people would be without power, the spokesman said they saw the weather event coming, but were not sure what effect it would have.

“I can not speak for other people. We saw the weather event coming and I will say … you do not know how much generation will be available as it (cold weather) moves across the state,” the spokesman said.

Only on Monday morning did ERCOT start the rotating power outages to protect the power grid.

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