Huawei founder and CEO says Apple makes the best 5G phones

Huawei is not the company it was a few years ago when it was on its way to becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker. Restrictions imposed on the company by the United States forced Huawei to sell its Honor brand to get Honor out under the thumb of the United States. The producer, who could have been number one this year, is likely to be number seven by the end of the year.

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei says Apple has the best 5G phones

According to Forbes, Huawei is aware that in a larger respect it is much closer to being like Apple than it is to be like other Android manufacturers in its class such as Samsung and without a doubt Google. Like Apple, Huawei has more control over both the hardware and software used on its phones. The head of Huawei’s UK consumer business told Forbes last year that “we are one of only two companies globally that can have this hardware and software solution for our own ecosystem … Only Huawei and Apple can do it – it is our long-term strategy. “
A few years ago, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei admitted that he uses an iPhone and even buys them for his family. Ren said in 2019: “iPhones have a good ecosystem, and when my family is abroad, I still buy them iPhones, so one can not narrowly believe that love for Huawei should mean loving Huawei phones.” That same year, the CEO said, “Apple is the world’s leading company … Apple is my teacher; it’s moving forward in front of us.” When Ren’s daughter, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in 2018 under a U.S. arrest warrant for fraud and conspiracy to defraud, she had a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone in her possession.
Zhengfei says that 5G iPhone 12 the series has the best 5G-enabled handsets currently available. He calls them “the world’s best” 5G phones and has talked about the quality of the technology found in the iPhone series by 2020. He has also used Apple’s 5G iPhone models as a way to promote the quality of Huawei’s 5G network equipment; Huawei remains the world’s largest supplier of network equipment. “We support the progress that Apple iPhone 12, “Ren said and pointed out that the device” has been able to achieve download speeds of 1.82 Gbps, making it the best in the world … We helped build the best 5G networks in many cities around in the world: Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Riyadh … Our network in Europe is a leader in global network testing. “As the company said just last week,” Huawei has made hundreds of 5G networks worldwide. According to the results of 5G network experience tests in major global cities conducted by many third-party organizations around the world in cities such as Seoul, Amsterdam, Madrid, Zurich, Hong Kong and Riyadh, Huawei’s contracted operators rank as number one in 5G network experience. “

Ren also complemented Apple’s dominance in the premium phone industry, saying Huawei’s networking equipment is good for iPhone users. Ren commented that “Many advanced device users in Europe use iPhones, and the way these phones work on our network in Europe is actually a sign that we are doing well too. The fact that high-end users can use the iPhone 12 full impact on our 5G network in Europe is proof of the quality of our network. This helps to balance the opinions of Huawei in Europe. “Zhengfei pointed out last year that” there are only two major players with ecosystems, “he said,” Apple and Google. It will not be a problem to have a third. In any industry, three top players are reasonable. ” Huawei has since added its own ecosystem, and we could see the company’s own HarmonyOS debut on a smartphone with the upcoming P50 line.

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