If Stamps buys Blake Griffin out, the Celtics may be interested

The Boston Celtics would probably have preferred the Pistons to close Blake Griffin a little faster before his 12 points, four rebounds and six assists helped Detroit deal with Boston a hard loss on Friday.

Griffin has been shut down as the stamps explore the possibilities of dealing with him and the team does not want to risk injury while searching for a deal. Detroit announced the decision Monday.

“After extensive discussions with Blake’s representatives, it is certain that we will begin work to facilitate a solution regarding his future with the team that maximizes the interests of both parties.” Stamp General Manager Troy Weaver told ESPN on Monday. “We respect all the efforts Blake has made in Detroit and his career, and will work to achieve a positive outcome for all involved.”

In a statement, Griffin told ESPN: “I am grateful for the stamps to understand what I want to achieve in my career and to work together on the best path forward.”

If Detroit finds a trading partner, it’s not the Celtics.

Griffin’s $ 38.9 million salary is more than the Celtics’ available trade exemption ($ 28.5 million for Gordon Hayward). They have no room to acquire him. But there is no guarantee that Detroit will find a taker for Griffin whose run of recent injuries makes his value far below his salary. They could possibly move him to a similarly difficult contract. But there is a good chance they will not find a partner.

Pistons whose record is close to the bottom of the league should be in the best lottery position. Having Griffin to help them win games this year can do more harm than good to their rebuilding efforts.

If Detroit chooses to buy him out, Griffin could certainly be an asset to the Celtics. He has an average of 12.3 points and 5.2 rebounds. Hans 3.9 assists pr. Betting would be a good fit in a Celtics offense that wants to move the ball more.

But Boston is exploring other options going forward and can act for a player who can make taking over Griffin superfluous.

Griffin and Cavs center Andrew Drummond were both closed on Monday, perhaps signaling an early start to the trading market, which has a month to go.

Drummond, who was used when the Cavaliers commit to Jarrett Allen at center, has been heavily linked with the Raptors. He probably would not be fit in Boston as his salary is too high and Cleveland is much more likely to find a willing trading partner for the healthy 27-year-old.

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