It storms overnight in the triangle, mild and dry day ahead ::

A deadly tornado hit the coast as storms moved through North Carolina overnight.

Three people died and at least 10 people were injured after a tornado was reported around midnight in Brunswick County, according to the sheriff’s office. About 50 homes were damaged and gas leaks and power outages were reported in the area.

The tornado was on the ground for at least 15 or 20 minutes, WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

In the triangle on Tuesday, temperatures will be in the mid-50s, and the day will be mostly dry. The sky will be cloudy, but we can even see some sunshine, Gardner said.

There is a chance of scattered showers on Tuesday morning, with conditions becoming dry at lunchtime.

Winds will pick up again Tuesday afternoon with possible gusts up to 25 or 30 mph.

The sun could appear for the first time on days Tuesday afternoon and again on Wednesday, although its stay will be short.

7-day forecast

During the night Wednesday there is more rain and rain falls Thursday noon through the evening. Heights in the upper 40s to low 50s.

There is a chance of freezing rain over the viewing area early Thursday morning if the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Person County and other areas north of the triangle could see light icing of ice, but it is too early in the week to know the extent of these impacts.

On Friday, much of central North Carolina could see between 1.2 and 2 inches of rain.

Precipitation 24 hours, DMA

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