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Jaguar Land Rover today announced a new global strategy called “Reimagine”, and it involves a serious acceleration of the electrification of all its brands, including Jaguar goes all electric by 2025 and Land Rover follows mostly electric vehicles after that.

As part of the new plan, the carmaker plans to have the Land Rover and Jaguar brands develop separate electrical architectures with “two clear, unique personalities”.

It said about Land Rover:

In a Land Rover, the vehicle and driver are united by adventure. By breaking new ground, facing new challenges and not being happy with what is expected, Land Rover really helps people go ‘beyond that.’ For the next five years, Land Rover will welcome six pure electric variants as it remains the world leader in luxury SUVs through its three families of Range Rover, Discovery and Defender. The first all-electric variant will arrive in 2024.

And then it wrote about Jaguar:

By the middle of the decade, Jaguar will have undergone a renaissance to emerge as a purely electric luxury brand with a dramatically beautiful new portfolio of emotionally engaging designs and groundbreaking next-generation technologies. Jaguar will exist to make life extraordinary by creating dramatically beautiful car experiences that leave customers unique and rewarded. While the type plate may be retained, the planned Jaguar XJ replacement is not part of the lineup as the brand appears to be realizing its unique potential.

More specifically, this means that all new Jaguar vehicles will be all-electric by 2025, and by 2030, the UK carmaker expects 100% of brand sales to be all-electric vehicles.

As for the Land Rover, it will lag a bit behind the Jaguar brand, which already has an electrification with I-Pace.

It will have its first all-electric vehicle in 2024, and by 2030 the company aims for 60% of all sales from all-electric vehicles.

Here are the highlights of Jaguar Land Rover’s new global strategy:

  • New global strategy – Reimagine – announced for the British company under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Thierry BollorĂ©
  • A sustainable remake of modern luxury, unique customer experiences and positive societal impact
  • Start the journey to become a net carbon business by 2039
  • Reimagination of Jaguar as an all-electric luxury brand from 2025 to ‘realize its unique potential’
  • For the next five years, Land Rover will welcome six pure electric variants as it remains the world leader in luxury SUVs.
  • All Jaguar and Land Rover nameplates should be available in pure electrical form by the end of this decade; the first all-electric Land Rover model in 2024
  • Pure hydrogen fuel cell power is being developed in preparation for future demand
  • Streamlined structure to provide greater agility and promote efficiency in focus
  • Global production and assembly footprint to be preserved, rights-determined, relocated and reorganized
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing with industry leaders, particularly within the broader Tata group, will enable the company to explore potential synergies on clean energy, related services, data and software development management
  • Towards double-digit EBIT margin and positive cash flow with an ambition to achieve positive cash net debt in 2025 with a value creation method that delivers quality and profit-over-volume

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