Jason Licht to daughter of Lombardi Trophy designer: “Light up, Francis”

Buccaneers GM Jason Licht has come a long way in seven years with the team. The fact that he even survived seven years represents a minor miracle given the traditional impatience of team ownership.

Licht not only survived, but thrived and built a team there while walking Jameis Winston also caught sight of Tom Brady. Sprinkle a pair of veterans attracted to the team by Brady’s presence and the Bucs have a Super Bowl win.

With the victory comes a Lombardi Trophy. Brady gave football fans everywhere a surprise on Wednesday by throwing the trophy from one ship to the next during a Hillsborough River boat parade. Yes, that was the real trophy. Yes, if the trophy had landed in the water, it would have thrown 80 feet down to the bottom. Yes, one or more overpowered players may have jumped in to retrieve it, which could have been problematic as these individuals tried to swim back to the surface after realizing that there was no way to get the thing without a scuba tank and flippers.

The cast itself created concern for Lorraine Grohs. In a video that went almost as viral as the video from the cast, Grohs claimed that her father designed the Lombardi Trophy while working as a master silversmith at Tiffany & Co.

“It really upset me that this trophy was quarrel and be respected by being thrown, as if it were real football, ”Grohs said. “I did not sleep the last two nights because of this, I was so sad. Because I know the passion that lies in this trophy. . . . I personally would like an apology, not only to me and my family and the other silversmiths, but to the fans. ”

Licht responded to the clip, which was posted on Twitter with a classic gif from Stripes.

While sensible minds may differ as to whether it was reasonably wise for Brady to toss the trophy between boats (especially since Brady was reasonably drunk), it was a fun moment. Moreover, it is not a sacred idol or religious relic; it’s a measly one – one of 55 official Lombardi trophies and counts.

The real question will be in a year whether the next champions will try to increase the Brady maneuver. And if the Bucs win it again, will Brady try to throw it even further than he did in 2021?

Jason Licht to daughter of Lombardi Trophy designer: “Light up, Francis” originally appeared Pro football speech

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