John Oliver returns with a look at the next pandemic

Last week tonight returned to HBO on Sunday, and as was his custom, John Oliver wasted no time in throwing the audience into a deep pit full of extremely depressing information. To be fair, he carefully suggested an off-ramp to anyone who was not in the mood: “If you want to see a British person do something hot or interesting, go on Bridgerton—Lots of jizzing in blankets on that show. “When the weak of heart had turned out to see period-accurate jizz, however, things became quite gloomy. Although the end of the coronavirus pandemic is only just emerging, Oliver dedicated this week’s show to Next pandemic. It turns out that we are not prepared for one either. Happy Valentines Day!

Oliver’s look at near-security in another global pandemic raises many troubling questions, most urgently: “What the hell was that alligator video, and how can I watch it all?” In stark contrast to most public health issues, this one has a simple answer: the video is called “Its Flat Fuck Friday You Fucking Losers”, and here it is:

Last week tonight is only 30 minutes long, which means the show rarely has time to cover all the nuances of the complicated topics it deals with, and this week’s episode was no exception. What I’m saying is that there’s also a Christmas theme version of “Its Flat Fuck Friday You Fucking Losers,” and it’s called “Flat Fuck Coming to Town.”

As for the rest of the segment, where Oliver carefully claims that we are running towards virality on a planetary scale, but are not willing to do any of what we need if we wanted to change course, you can find out many other interesting facts about alligators and crocodiles at your local library.

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