Larry King’s widow Shawn King plans to contest the star’s will in court

Larry Kingis a widow Shawn King plan on the way to court.

Last week was the broadcast legend handwritten will was revealed, who allegedly said his $ 2 million property would be divided between his five children.

The document, which was reportedly composed on October 17, 2019, two months after King requested divorce from Shawn, does not mention her at all and also lists his now deceased children Chaia and Andy as recipients. His will was written several months before loss of Andy, 65, and Chaia, 51. The two died within weeks of each other.

His three remaining children – Larry King, Jr., 59, Cannon, 20 and Chance, 21 – were also named. King shared Cannon and Chance with Shawn.


Shawn said, however, that there was already a plan between himself and King that was not reflected in the alleged document.

Shawn King (right), the foreign widow of Larry King (left), said she plans to contest his will in court after it was reportedly revealed that she was cut out.
(Greg Doherty / FilmMagic)

“We had a very watertight family housing plan,” she told Side Six of a plan she and her husband drafted “as a couple” in 2015.

“It still exists, and that’s the legitimate will. Period,” she said indicated. “And I fully believe it will stop, and my lawyers will file a response, probably by the end of the day.”

Not only was the document complicated by his children’s deaths in 2020, but King also told Side Six before his death that he and Shawn had once again become close, though it is unclear whether divorce was taken off the table.


Shawn reiterated this statement, saying she and her husband spoke daily, claiming she was never made aware of a change in his will.

“It strikes me!” she said when asked why she thinks King made the new document.

Their joint sons were also “shocked” to learn about the change, she said, claiming they “are not happy about this.”

In addition, Shawn admitted in the sale that she believes someone influenced the broadcast legend to compose the New Testament, even though she did not offer further details.

Larry King's handwritten will was recently obtained by business.  It reportedly left his foreign wife.

Larry King’s handwritten will was recently obtained by business. It reportedly left his foreign wife.
(Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images)

“Based on the timeline, it just does not make sense,” she said, noting that she does not think he would have cut her out because of filing for divorce papers.


According to People magazine, Reportedly, King wrote in the document: “This is my last will and testament. It must replace all previous writings. In the event of my death, I will have 100% of my funds evenly distributed among my children Andy, Chaia, every day after the above date Larry Jr., Chance & Cannon. “

Page Six reports that under the current will, Shawn will probably only walk away with about $ 300,000 after the $ 2 million property was divided between King’s sons and probably the survivors of his deceased children.

“That’s the principle,” she said.

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Reps for Shawn did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment, while King’s attorney said that while they have no comment on Shawn’s position, they feel that “the will, which we will ask the court to admit to change on March, reflects Larry’s intention to share his property equally between his children. “

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