Lindsey Graham warns that Kamala Harris could be charged if Republicans win the House next year

Senator Lindsey Graham warned Sunday that if Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in next year’s by-elections, Vice President Kamala Harris could be charged with his tweet supporting a bailout fund for Black Lives Matter protesters over the summer.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday”, a day after the US Senate acquitted President Trump, the South Carolina Republican said that the former president’s indictment, brought because of the deadly January 6 Capitol riots, “opened Pandora’s box . “

“If you use this model, I do not know how Kamala Harris will not be charged if the Republicans take over the house because she actually rescued rioters …”, Graham said of the former California senator from Oakland. “So we’ve opened Pandora’s box here, and I’m sad for the country.”

Like many pro-Trump Republicans, Graham seemed to equate the deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol last month with last summer’s racial injustice protests, two very different events rooted in opposing movements.

On June 1, Harris tweeted a link to a fundraiser for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, asking her supporters to help bail protesters in the city following riots over police killing George Floyd. Video captured the incident in which Floyd, who was black, gasped for breath, handcuffed to the ground when an officer pressed a knee to his neck on May 25th.

The Black Lives Matter movement calls for an end to systemic racism, which often takes the lives of black people disproportionately. Small fragments of last year’s nationwide protests included violence, but the movement was largely peaceful – though scenes of looting and fires attracted media and public attention. A recent Princeton University study said 93% of the 7,760 demonstrations linked to the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 were peaceful.

The Capitol riots by Trump supporters were aimed at overthrowing a free choice by attacking a US institution and killing five people including a police officer. Trump’s supporters appeared at his request to “fight like hell” after more than once declaring that he had fraudulently lost the election and had countless conspiracy theories.

Some Republicans have drawn a false equivalence between the two events. Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida and rep. Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene focused on violence in last summer’s civil rights protests under the House Prosecution Service.

Graham has previously talked about the possibility of accusing Harris of bringing it up earlier this month in an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity. The senator’s office did not return requests for comment.

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