Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must be removed from all remaining royal patronages as palace hangers for Oprah

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to give an interview to their friend Oprah Winfrey after being aware that they will be deprived of all their remaining royal connections when the terms of their exit package from the royal family are reviewed on March 31, it was claimed Tuesday.

That Daily mail says insiders at Buckingham Palace believe the interview, which was to be screened at CBS on March 7, was organized by Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36, because the couple could “see the direction of the journey” in terms of their future royal roles. .

That Mail, whose publishers Associated Newspapers last week humiliated lost a high-profile privacy case brought by Meghan, says the couple is now almost certain the queen will be asked to relinquish their remaining connections with all organizations passed on through the royal family.

Harry will have to give up his three remaining military titles as well as his key role in the direction of royal support for the London Marathon. Meghan will be asked to resign as patron of the National Theater, but it Mail suggests that she may be able to negotiate a different position with them.

Excitingly, the palace seems eager to show that it is not behaving retaliatory or vengeful towards Meghan, who is pregnant, and Harry, who informs that the move to deprive the couple of their last remaining royal titles is not a reaction to the interview. The suggestion is that Harry and Meghan could simply feel which way the wind was blowing and came out in front of it.

The Daily Beast understands that Buckingham Palace had not been informed of the interview in advance, but courtiers tried to quell any sense of complaint Monday night with sources saying that as the couple were no longer working royals, decisions were made regarding to “media commitments are something for them,” and that they “were not obliged” to inform the palace of their plans.

Although it is unlikely to affect the royals as badly as Prince Andrew’s interview in 2019 with Newsnight and Princess Diana’s 1995 bomb interview with Panorama, there is probably some fear of what Meghan may reveal in the interview. Castle is thought to be particularly nervous about possible allegations of racism or sexism and the settlement of “old scores”. The times reports.

However, Meghan and Harry sitting with Winfrey is not an unexpected development.

The talk show host attended the couple’s wedding in 2018 after meeting Meghan just once before and has rightly nurtured the couple since then.

In 2019, it was announced that she and Harry were working together on a documentary on mental health, and Winfrey was also photographed visiting Meghan’s mother, Doria, at her home in Los Angeles. They live close to each other in Montecito, and Winfrey has used his social media to hook up with a brand of coffee drinks that Meghan has invested in.

A source told Mail that the coming juxtaposition with Winfrey was “one of the most inevitable and sadly predictable consequences” of the couple leaving the royal family.

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