Morning report: Cody Garbrandt reflects on losses for TJ Dillashaw and says they will fight again in the future

Last weekend, Gilbert Burns came short in his welterweight offer against the former training partner Kamaru Usman, loses by knockout in the third round by UFC 258. However, it could have been different for Burns. In the opening round, “Durinho” injured Usman with a number of overhand rights, but could not finish the champion. After the match, Burns said he became over-aggressive and went “Cody Garbradt crazy” in pursuing the knockout, a reference to Garbrandt’s pair match with his own teammate becoming rival, TJ Dillashaw. And by chance, Garbrandt even talked about the same thing before UFC 258.

“Absolutely and it’s not me,” Garbrandt said Joe Rogan when asked to be more emotionally invested than he has ever had before. “So for me to go in there and get it, just an example of (make an angry face). I do not have to.

“It was great, I was world champion, I feel like I need to defend it, a lot of other things, the background behind it, the injury comes out a year. I was just so mentally not ready to go in there and fight that I physically overcompensated for it. ”

Garbrandt and Dillashaw first fought in 2017. It was Garbrandt’s first defense of his bantamweight title, and after injuring Dillashaw in the first round, Garbrandt then became over-aggressive and was knocked out in the second. The two rematched nine months later and Garbrandt was knocked out again, this time in the first round and in a similar manner. Reflecting on the losses, Garbrandt now sees the many mistakes he took with him in these struggles, not in physical preparation, but mentally, and says that these losses may have been a blessing.

“I feel like TJ caught me at a time when I was not mentally in the best state of mind to go in there and be a champion, and that’s why it was taken from me,” Garbrandt said. “He capitalized and I look back on what I kept coming back to these fights and it’s a little crazy. You have to be insane to repeat the same thing and expect a different result, and that was what I did … Looking back, demand 2020 is always in a fight, but I’m grateful for that. I feel like if I would have lost the title, I probably would not have been as hungry and motivated as I am today and it will help me the next five years of my career or how long I am will fight for. ”

After his second loss to Dillashaw, Garbrandt dropped another match, another KO Pedro Munhoz similar to the Dillashaw losses before he could finally straighten out the ship with a KO of the Year rival over Raphael Assunção in 2020. With the impressive win, Garbrandt is now once again embarking on both bantamweight and flyweight, credits a change in mentality for getting back from the brink.

“Staying enthusiastic, I think that’s the most important thing,” Garbrandt said. “I was not thrilled. I felt like I was just going through the motions. There are many other things, many things can turn out, but I only put the blame on myself because that’s all I can control. What I do, how I react to things, and I was not the person I am during that kind of tribulation in my life. I’ve grown out of it. I was 24-25 years old. I’m 29 years old now. I look at the game differently. ”

Garbrandt is not the only former bantamweight champion to have been subjected to hardship over the past few years. After beating Garbrandt for the second time, Dillashaw dropped to £ 125 to pursue another World Cup. Instead, those dreams turned to ashes when he was knocked out in 32 seconds Henry Cejudo and then failed a drug test for EPO, abandoned his bantamweight title and was suspended for two years. Dillashaw was officially eligible to compete again from January, and although Garbrandt says he has removed tough feelings towards his former teammate, he believes the two will meet again in the future and he will have a chance to show the world , and Dillashaw, his real self.

“It’s not to say I did not like TJ. I do not agree with many of the things that happened, but it’s so far in the past, I have passed,” Garbrandt said. “But definitely, taking it in there, my mental state was not what it should have been going against a guy like TJ. We can fast forward when he was popped and this and that TJ can be on those things. He can be with those things, and he still can not beat me when I’m concentrated, and I’m there mentally, and I’m in there and excited. I’m glad he’s coming back. He has to prove himself and it’s a big fight for me to return to in the future. It will happen. ”

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