North West receives personal invitation from the Bob Ross Experience Museum after landscape painting

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north West has received a personal invitation from the team at Bob Ross experience thanks to her recent landscape painting.

Per and TMZ report filed early Monday, said Sarah Strohl – a managing assistant at Rob Ross Inc. – that the team was “excited” when they saw Nord’s painting, which made widespread comparisons to the late artist and host Joy of Painting. As a result, North has now been invited to visit the Bob Ross Experience Museum in Muncie, Indiana.

The invitation includes a chance to take a closer look at a collection of Ross ‘paintings as well as a special class focusing on the painters’ honored wet-in-wet painting technique from a certified instructor. According to Monday’s report, North has not yet confirmed that it has accepted the invitation.


Photo via @kimkardashian on Instagram

The Bob Ross experience functions a refurbished version of Ross’ previous study, i.e. where he filmed Joy of painting series and is designed to serve as a space where the creativity icon’s creative message can flourish for a new generation.

As previously reported, some were quick to question Nord’s painting (seen above) after her mother Kim Kardashian shared a photo of it to Instagram. However, TikTok user @camrynfred came to Kardashian’s defense.

“[My mother has] has been an art teacher for 30 years and everyone who comes through her classes goes through the same painting when they start, ”@camrynfred, who said her mother was a teacher for North and others, explained in a short video.

Kim also later responded to those who questioned the painting, urging them to “stop being embarrassed by the negativity and let each child be BIG.”

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