Reality Steve Just shared The Bachelor’s Women Tell All ‘2021 Spoilers

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  • The bachelor The episode “Women Tell Everyone” was recorded on February 4 and premieres within the next month.

  • Bachelor spoiler blogger Reality Steve is still gathering intel about the drama that went down during the filming.

  • So far, he has shared the women from Matt James’ season, which is shown, and Victoria is confirmed.

Matt James’ season as The bachelor has been historic and unlike others from the beginning. He’s the first black bachelor in the ABC franchise, he had most of the women competing for his heart, and the drama was really the next level that resonated around the bubble set at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Of course, the thesis “Women Tell All” was supposed to be one for the record books, and it’s coming soon.

Whether the feuds fizzled or fired up when the women all reunite in Los Angeles, there is still tbd, but there is plenty of tea being spilled in the meantime.

First things first: When is the episode “Women Tell All”?

The thesis “Women Tell All” will be broadcast on ABC within the next month. The network has not officially released a release date, but you can make an educated guess along with Reality Steve. It is traditionally the 10th episode of the series. As the final of Matt’s season is set for the week of March 15, per. Reality Steve, you can carefully mark the preceding Mondays as the most likely. It was filmed in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 4th, so it’s all ready to go.

** Stop reading now if you do not want to read spoilers **

Which participants participate in “Women Tell All”?

Reality Steve already knows most of the women who were there. He searched social media for evidence of SoCal travel and shared who was there for filming. “I do not have the details of it yet, but on Friday a bunch of the girls went back on their IGs and were clear in Southern California, so there are at least a couple that we know were WTA based on these IG The ones I noticed were: MJ, Katie, Pieper, Abigail, Anna, Chelsea, Sarah and Serena C … So those are just a few names I have for you of those who were present. I get more info, I’ll pass it on. “

Need an update on Matt’s participants? Check out all the women who competed for his heart in season 25 and could reappear on Women Tell All:

As for resolving the Jessenia and MJ feud, Steve says: “Can’t wait to see if [MJ] actually sees her ways and apologizes or doubles her behavior. “Sounds like” Women Tell Everyone “could be the perfect courage for her?

Victoria Larson was also there.

As the number one villain in Matt’s season, it would be quite difficult to host the reunion meeting without Queen Vikki around.

Unlike the other women who posted from LA, Victoria was off the gram. “Victoria deleted her IG last week, but it reappeared last night, so there was no IG evidence that she was there, but she was. I also think Serena P was there, and we know , that she finished as 4. “, says Reality Steve.

What happens to the thesis “Women tell everyone”?

The nitty-gritty details are scarce for now. One thing is for sure: Chris Harrison did not announce the new one Bachelorette. Reality Steve said the announcement is coming soon, but was not part of the recording of “Women Tell All.”

Reality Steve removed the confusion: “Late Friday night I had tweeted that Katie was named ‘Bachelorette’ at the WTA taping. This information is incorrect because it was not advertised there. I am misinterpreting the information I was given. What was written to me was ‘it’s Katie and it came out on WTA.’ So I assumed that meant she was actually introduced as a ‘Bachelorette’ at the WTA, but that’s not what happened, but the fact is that Katie is going to be a ‘Bachelorette’ and that the announcement comes ‘soon’ from is told. “Soon” in bachelor talk could be today and it could go two weeks from now. It’s hard to tell. But all I get to know is that it’s Katie who’s going to be “Bachelorette” I can not see them change their minds about this. “

Who is sitting in the hot seat?

Katie “was in the hot seat, just like several other women were,” Chris said US Weekly. And while she was in the spotlight, he “did not even ask her if she wanted to be a bachelorette or if she wanted to do it.”

Who else gets all the attention and space to talk in the toasty chair is TBD.

So when is it? The bachelor finale?

It is set for the week of March 15th. It could be either March 15 or March 16, depending on how much time ABC spends on the conclusion.

If you can not wait that long to find out who wins, here it is all the final spoilers from Reality Steve.

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