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DentaQuest welcomes President Biden’s decision to reopen ACA insurance exchange next week, including dental insurance

Boston, February 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - DentaQuest, the leading oral health care provider for 30 million Americans, today welcomes the Biden Administration's decision to reopen the federal health market for three months, giving millions of Americans the opportunity to apply for coverage as the COVID-19 public health situation continues to rage. While the Biden Administration notes that over 30 million Americans remain without health insurance, studies have shown that Americans are four times more likely to lack dental insurance. Reopening enrollment next week for three months will allow tens of thousands of Americans to log on to and…

Democrats open lawsuit over Trump’s accusation with graphic video

Donald Trump's second indictment began on Tuesday with extensive video footage of the deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 as Democrats made the case that the former president should be convicted of inciting an uprising.Jamie Raskin, the Democratic congresswoman from Maryland who is the top prosecutor and de facto chief prosecutor, played the often graphic video at the start of a four-hour debate over whether it is constitutional to put a former president on trial in the Senate.The video was a collection of clips, played in chronological order, of the attack seen from the outside and inside…

Senior Citizens’ Health Insurance Plans: Premium, Features, Benefits – Explained

The minimum age for a person wishing to purchase a health insurance plan for seniors is 60 years.Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for health insurance seems to have increased. As the cost of hospitalization due to Covid-19 runs into a few lakhs, the need to have adequate coverage has become the need of the hour. Senior citizens also proved to be more vulnerable than those at a young age. So how are those over the age of 60 prepared to meet hospital bills? According to Amit Chhabra, Head of Health Insurance,, “From April 20 to…

Interest in individual exchanges is the biggest trend in healthcare in 2021 – InsuranceNewsNet

Employer-based coverage will continue to dominate the health insurance landscape by 2021. But individual health exchanges can gain ground as more workers become freelancers and independent entrepreneurs. It was one of ten trends in health insurance and voluntary benefits that were discussed during a recent webinar by the Aite Group. Here's an overview of these 10 trends and what Aite's analysts had to say about them. Trend 1: Individual health exchanges are finding new interest. The rise of freelancers and entrepreneurs along with the rise in the number of unemployed Americans as the pandemic means there are changes in employer-based…

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