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Debate over Islamist extremism law reveals deep divisions in France

Another teacher threatened by Islamists four months later beheading by Samuel Paty on the street outside his school; five people arrested this week for cyberbullying and threats against a teenager for her social media posts that are considered insulting to Allah: President Emmanuel Macron's defenders say his government planned new law curbing Islamist extremism in France has never been more urgent."Islamism is a Trojan horse that contains a fragmentation bomb aimed at our society," Gérald Darmanin, Macron's interior minister, wrote in his Order Islamist separatism: manifesto of secularism, published this year for accompaniment the law. "Faced with an enemy who…

The Korean battery group was beaten with a US import ban

The US International Trade Commission has imposed a 10-year import ban on South Korean battery maker SK Innovation, which strikes a blow at Ford and Volkswagen's plans to build electric vehicles.The ruling closes a protracted trade secrets battle between SKI and domestic arch-rival LG Chem. US-based Ford and Germany's VW have both signed contracts to buy batteries from SKI's new 2.4-meter battery in Georgia, where the Korean group has invested $ 2.6 billion.The ruling on Wednesday gives Ford and VW a deadline to find a new battery supplier. Both carmakers argued that a ban would jeopardize their plans to launch…

Myanmar junta pushes criminal justice bill

Myanmar's military junta has drafted a draconian cybersecurity bill that has raised alarm among human rights campaigns and business groups to give authorities extensive powers over the Internet. The transition to police digital content came as thousands continued to protest in cities across the country against a coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi's government last week. The military takeover is condemned worldwide with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announces sanctions on junta's leaders and the freezing of 1 billion. dollars of Myanmar's government assets stored in the United States. According to the proposed law, online service providers in…

Congress addresses critical pandemic-related health proposals

The House Ways and Means Committee announced that it will consider nine legislative proposals as the next step in providing COVID-19 relief to Americans. (Photo: Diego M. Radzinschi / THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL / ALM) Several pandemic-related health proposals were taken up in the U.S. Congress this week. The House Ways and Means Committee announced that it will consider nine legislative proposals as the next step in providing COVID-19 relief to Americans. The proposals include measures that improve health care at affordable prices, protect the elderly and fight the virus in nursing homes. Meanwhile, a group of Senate Democrats reintroduced…

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