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Oscar used this subway station map to advertise himself in 2018. (Photo: Allison Bell / TA) Managers of Oscar Health Inc. have tried to take an innovative approach to the design and marketing of health insurance - and they tell potential investors that a key...

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Brazil adopts law giving autonomy to central bank

Lawmakers in Brazil have voted to give the central bank autonomy in a move aimed at improving the country's reputation among international investors by eliminating the risk of political interference in monetary policy.The legislation was approved by federal lawmakers in the lower house of Congress Wednesday after a nearly year delay after the coronavirus crisis and local elections.Under the law, the head of the bank will still be nominated by the executive and subject to Senate confirmation. But they will be legally protected from being fired by the government due to disagreements over monetary policy. As a member of a…

5 things Washington: “Chronic COVID,” Rx costs, payment parity – reform mode

DJ Wilson | Feb 9, 2021 We now cover state health policy in 15 states and provide more independent coverage of state and market level health coverage than any outlet in the country, as far as we know. That's far from our first history of Washington State health care back in 2011! if you want to subscribe to our daily newsletter, you can do it here. You get a morning run of all our coverage from across each of our states, and now also federal policy. This morning's newsletter had 14 stories for your daily reading. It is a unique…

Shell accelerates emission targets as it aims for net zero

Royal Dutch Shell said its oil production and emissions related to its business had peaked as the energy program set more ambitious climate targets in an effort to become a zero-zero company by 2050. The company's oil production will fall by up to 2 percent a year, and its gasoline and diesel production has fallen by 55 percent by 2030, the group said in a strategy update released Thursday.The company plans to maintain cash generation from its inherited oil business while "over time" investing more resources in gas, chemicals, renewable energy and sales power. Net emission intensity - a measurement…

Bitcoin hits record high as US financial giants embrace cryptocurrency

That bitcoin the price hit a record high on Thursday after two major US financial institutions announced new cryptocurrency projects that edged digital assets closer to ordinary use in ordinary purchases and as an investment.Mastercard said Wednesday that it would begin moving later in the year cryptocurrencies directly across its card payment network. Previously, the company had only worked with cryptocurrencies and exchanges to move funds after they had been converted from digital coins to fiat currency.And on Thursday, custodian bank BNY Mellon announced that by the end of the year, it would provide custodian services for digital assets on…

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