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Bill to reduce health costs and expand coverage on the way to the floor of the house – Los Alamos Reporter

HOUSE DEMOCRATS NEWS HB 122 will lower premiums and deductibles and expand coverage to an estimated 23,000 uninsured new Mexicans New legislation to provide affordable health care to tens of thousands of new Mexicans will be put to a full vote in Parliament. It passed its final House committee today, Taxation and Revenue, with a 7-2 party line vote. Sponsored by rep. Deborah Armstrong (D - Albuquerque) House Bill 122 Reduces Health Insurance Costs for New Mexicans and Dramatically Expands Coverage by: Establishment of an affordable health fund to provide new revenue for a quality assurance plan for all new…

HEALTH DESCRIPTION: Democrats tackle health agenda against stimulus

Democrats are betting that they can open the door to major health changes by first undertaking modest, temporary extensions of insurance assistance and public coverage programs. House Democratic Committee leaders are preparing an estimated $ 1.9 trillion in emergency aid, which includes two years of increased subsidies for people buying insurance in Obamacare's individual markets. It also carries temporary support for people trying to keep an employer-sponsored insurance and added funds to the press states to expand their Medicaid programs. A dozen states have yet to expand Medicaid, including Florida and Texas, two of the most populous states. These changes…

State extends open enrollment for health insurance through NJ Marketplace until May 15 due to pandemic

Government Phil Murphy announced Monday that the state will offer a special enrollment period for Get covered New Jersey, the state-based health insurance market that allows residents to get insurance until May 15th. The extended period is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The state said many residents find discounts. click here for more information on prices and plans. New Jerseyans whose annual income is up to 400% of the federal poverty level ($ 51,040 for one person and $ 104,800 for a family of four) are eligible for state aid in addition to the federal tax credit. The…

Amundi names Valérie Baudson as CEO

Amundi has named Valérie Baudson as its next CEO, replacing Yves Perrier, who spent a decade building the French group into Europe's largest asset manager.Baudson, Amundi's Deputy CEO and responsible for the launch of its exchange-traded fund business, will take the reins in May. Perrier becomes chairman.Under Perrier's management, Amundi's assets under management and market value have almost doubled since its listing in Paris in 2015. Perrier said Wednesday he had "full confidence" in Baudson, who joined Amundi from Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux in 2008. "I know I can count on his support," Baudson said of the outgoing CEO. In addition…

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