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Millions of middle-income people have been shut out of Obamacare since earning more than $ 51,000. The $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package in Congress would make health insurance premiums cheaper. It would also gather most of the tab for COBRA plans to help laid-off workers....

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Joe Biden creates Pentagon task force over China

Joe Biden has set up a Pentagon task force to help develop a comprehensive China policy that will examine everything from the deployment of U.S. forces around the world to the relationship with the Chinese military.The US president announced the formation of the working group during a visit to the Pentagon on Wednesday. The working group, which will include uniformed officers and civilians, will make recommendations within four months. It will be led by Ely Ratner, a Chinese expert and Pentagon official. Biden said the task force would “work fast. . . so we can map a strong way forward…

Live Q&A: will renewable energy change the balance of power in geopolitics?

As shifted away from fossil fuels to renewable energy gathers speed, global winners and losers begin to emerge. But which countries will lead and which will be left behind? And what does that mean for the balance of power in politics and business? The Financial Times has responded to the pressure on climate change with the launch of Climate capital, a new hub for our award-winning climate and green business journalism from across its global newsroom with a deep dive into the international race for clean energy. Recommended Leslie Hook, our environment and clean energy correspondent and Henry Sanderson, our…

Bubble fears develop as China fund launches appeal to enormous inflows

Bubble fears grow as China fund launches attract huge inflows

China’s mutual fund business property surged 48 per cent to a report $3.1tn (Rmb20tn) in 2020 however enormous demand for brand spanking new funds is stoking fears that unstable investor inflows may spur a inventory market bubble.China is predicted to turn into the world’s second-largest asset administration market after the US this decade, offering an enormous development alternative for funding managers. UBS forecasts mainland mutual fund property may attain $16tn by 2030. Belongings held in US mutual funds presently stand at about $23tn. New fund launches within the US and Europe typically wrestle to draw buyers who refuse to make…

Debate over Islamist extremism law reveals deep divisions in France

Another teacher threatened by Islamists four months later beheading by Samuel Paty on the street outside his school; five people arrested this week for cyberbullying and threats against a teenager for her social media posts that are considered insulting to Allah: President Emmanuel Macron's defenders say his government planned new law curbing Islamist extremism in France has never been more urgent."Islamism is a Trojan horse that contains a fragmentation bomb aimed at our society," Gérald Darmanin, Macron's interior minister, wrote in his Order Islamist separatism: manifesto of secularism, published this year for accompaniment the law. "Faced with an enemy who…

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