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Millions of middle-income people have been shut out of Obamacare since earning more than $ 51,000. The $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package in Congress would make health insurance premiums cheaper. It would also gather most of the tab for COBRA plans to help laid-off workers....

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Special enrollment period for health insurance begins February 15th

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread on Wednesday urged North Dakotans to take advantage of the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for health insurance coverage on the federal health exchange if they are currently uninsured. In line with the executive order issued by President Joe Biden, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced through the Medicare & Medicaid Services Centers SEP in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. From 15 February to 15 May, this SEP will be open to all eligible consumers who submit a new application or update an existing application. "This enrollment period is for those individuals…

French MNH health insurance company hit by RansomExx ransomware

The French health insurance company Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers (MNH) has suffered a ransomware attack that has severely disrupted the company's operations. BleepingComputer has learned. MNH is the first mutual insurance company in France to provide health insurance services and plans focusing on the healthcare sector. The company website is used by members to generate insurance quotes or to manage services and benefits. Since the attack, it has the site shows a message that it has been affected by a cyber attack that started on February 5th. This attack has made their websites and phone platform inaccessible. "MNH has…

Heineken must cut 8,000 jobs when pandemic hits the brewery

Heineken must reduce 8,000 jobs and seek 2 billion. Euro in savings over two years as new CEO Dolf van den Brink transforms the world's second largest brewery in the midst of a pandemic that has given the beverage industry its worst blow in decades.Van den Brink, who took charge in April last year, said on Wednesday that he would cut nearly 10 percent of the Dutch brewer's 85,000 employees as part of a program to restore margins and increase productivity.The plans follow that Heineken will swing to a loss for 2020. The brewer of Amstel, Tiger and Moretti reported…

5 things Washington: “Chronic COVID,” Rx costs, payment parity – reform mode

DJ Wilson | Feb 9, 2021 We now cover state health policy in 15 states and provide more independent coverage of state and market level health coverage than any outlet in the country, as far as we know. That's far from our first history of Washington State health care back in 2011! if you want to subscribe to our daily newsletter, you can do it here. You get a morning run of all our coverage from across each of our states, and now also federal policy. This morning's newsletter had 14 stories for your daily reading. It is a unique…

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