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Microsoft took an approach to buying Pinterest

Microsoft has approached Pinterest in recent months about a potential deal to acquire the $ 51 billion social media company, which is popular with hobbyists posting home decor, food and wedding collages, people informed about the case.The negotiations were not currently active, one of the people said. Microsoft has pursued a takeover strategy that aims to bring together a portfolio of active online communities that can run on top of its cloud computing platform.Pinterest, whose market value has risen more than 600 percent during the coronavirus pandemic, has previously signaled that it wanted to remain an independent company. Its soaring…

The White House is fighting to address global chip shortages

The Biden administration has promised to take immediate steps to tackle a global shortage of semiconductors that has forced the closure of several U.S. automobiles. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the administration "identified potential choke points in the supply chain" after coming under pressure from lawmakers, semiconductor companies and automakers over the shortage. An increase in the demand for consumer electronics during the pandemic has led to the shortage of chips, which has been exacerbated in the United States by sanctions against SMIC, the Chinese chip maker. It has prevented automakers around the world as chipmakers divert supplies…

What are the latest health effects of the pandemic a year later?

AUSTIN, Texas, February 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / - As we hit the pandemic's one-year mark, Americans are getting a clearer picture of the aftermath of coronavirus and other pressing health crises that are emerging. According to new survey results from RxSaver, conducted in partnership with Phoenix Marketing, 51% of adults reported that they had been adversely affected financially by the pandemic, forcing them to cancel routine medical visits, delay elective surgeries, and generally fall behind in their health care administration. This latest study reveals the Spanish-speaking community, one of the hardest hit populations of coronavirus accounted for 65% of…

Russia’s saliva with the EU is freezing relations

Russia combat of the EU's top diplomat during a milestone trip that has sparked a political uprising - but little expectation that the European bloc will end divisions over how to deal with the Kremlin. Most observers say EU-Russia saliva will freeze already icy conditions even harder and increase the chances that Europeans will move towards sanctions over Russia's detention of opposition activist Alexei Navalny. But few see it as likely to trigger a fundamental shift from powerful member states led by Germany and France to a more aggressive policy given economic, energetic and strategic interests at play. EU lawmakers…

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(***)credit protection insurance

(***)credit protection insurance policy

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