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The AHA declares UnitedHealthcare’s diagnostic policies, drug coverage policies

By Jacqueline LaPointe February 9, 2021 - American Hospital Association (AHA) er searching instant relief from UnitedHealthcare's new distribution design program that limits diagnostic providers on the network. The hospital group urged CMS to exercise its oversight of Medicare Advantage, Medicaid managed care, children's health insurance program and Health Insurance Marketplace health plans to prevent the private payer from implementing the program called the Designated Diagnostic Provider program. UnitedHealthcare recently introduced the program, which aims to ensure cost-effectiveness and the provision of high-quality care by covering outpatient laboratory services provided exclusively by independent or hospital laboratories that meet certain quality…

Japan suffers from increase in female suicides during Covid-19 pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic began last year, Japan's suicide prevention specialists were most concerned about vulnerable retirees and the group that historically accounts for the country's high suicide rate: middle-aged men losing job losses or business failure.But instead, according to official data, there was an increase in suicide deaths among young and middle-aged women. It has made a struggle to understand why, amid concerns that Japan's support systems are failing those in need.After years of decline since the economic crises of the 1990s, suicide in Japan in 2020 rose to 20,919 from 20,169 the year before. But while the suicide…

Medical Mutual combines AI Digital Health Coaching from Lark with Live Care Management Support for Boost Population Health Benefits

Lark is based on a cognitive behavioral therapy framework and combines conversational AI with connected devices such as wireless glucometers and blood pressure cuffs to encourage ongoing behavior change and healthy habits. When a situation or complex issue arises, Lark escalates the problem to nurses and coaches to provide additional support, resolve the issue, or suggest further action. "We are pleased to add Lark's proven digital coaching programs to Medical Mutual's growing population health model. The programs help our members improve their health and our employer groups achieve financial savings. The addition of Lark further strengthens our ability to give…

Humana Insurance and IBM Watson are building a virtual healthcare navigation assistant

on February 11, 2021 at 15:00 Health insurance giant Humana is launching a chatbot powered by IBM Watson's Conversation AI to provide personalized help to people with health and dental insurance provided by their employer. Humana with the help of the IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits marks an important milestone in the growing AI market in the healthcare sector, which has risen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent demand for the healthcare industry and its related products. Humana AI Navigating insurance can be confusing and frustrating enough that people even delay seeing doctors to avoid…

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