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Philip Moeller shares how Coronavirus exposed US Healthcare – CBS Boston

Photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster American health care costs approx. twice as much per. Person as in other developed countries, but is close to the bottom in quality measures. Philip Moeller, journalist and author of "Get What You Have For Health Care: How To Get The Best Care At The Right Price" (available now from Simon & Schuster, a ViacomCBS company)warns against losing sight of the fact that our national health spending is wildly out of control. And while the coronavirus pandemic revealed many of the system's shortcomings, a major health care reform seems unlikely in light of a…

5 things Washington: “Chronic COVID,” Rx costs, payment parity – reform mode

DJ Wilson | Feb 9, 2021 We now cover state health policy in 15 states and provide more independent coverage of state and market level health coverage than any outlet in the country, as far as we know. That's far from our first history of Washington State health care back in 2011! if you want to subscribe to our daily newsletter, you can do it here. You get a morning run of all our coverage from across each of our states, and now also federal policy. This morning's newsletter had 14 stories for your daily reading. It is a unique…

The White House is fighting to address global chip shortages

The Biden administration has promised to take immediate steps to tackle a global shortage of semiconductors that has forced the closure of several U.S. automobiles. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the administration "identified potential choke points in the supply chain" after coming under pressure from lawmakers, semiconductor companies and automakers over the shortage. An increase in the demand for consumer electronics during the pandemic has led to the shortage of chips, which has been exacerbated in the United States by sanctions against SMIC, the Chinese chip maker. It has prevented automakers around the world as chipmakers divert supplies…

AstraZeneca agrees to German production agreement to fill the vaccine gap

AstraZeneca has hired German drugmaker IDT Biologika to increase production of its Covid-19 vaccine and tackle shortage of supply in Europe.Relations between the EU and AstraZeneca deteriorated after the pharmaceutical group announced last month that it would fall far short of its promise of the block lives at least 100 m doses of the vaccine, developed with Oxford University, in the first quarter. AstraZeneca has since revised its first quarter delivery forecast from 31m to 40m doses and announced that it will expand production capacity in Europe.Jürgen Betzing, CEO of IDT Biologika, said “the agreement underlines our expertise in the…

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