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(***)health insurance companies in tampa florida

(***)insurance companies in tampa florida

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The White House is fighting to address global chip shortages

The Biden administration has promised to take immediate steps to tackle a global shortage of semiconductors that has forced the closure of several U.S. automobiles. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the administration "identified potential choke points in the supply chain" after coming under pressure from lawmakers, semiconductor companies and automakers over the shortage. An increase in the demand for consumer electronics during the pandemic has led to the shortage of chips, which has been exacerbated in the United States by sanctions against SMIC, the Chinese chip maker. It has prevented automakers around the world as chipmakers divert supplies…

Bragg Stadium test requires health insurance, driver’s license – The Famuan

General health insurance form. Photo with permission: Google ImagesFlorida A&M University recently sent an email to all students and staff about Bragg Stadium's COVID-19 test website new protocol, which will require health insurance information or driver's license for anyone who wants to be tested. Tests are still available Monday through Saturday from 6 p.m. 8 to kl. 16, and testing is still free. Walk-ins will also still be available, but appointments and pre-registrations are still recommended. The state's supplier site, Curative, has instructed the test site to collect health insurance information, but individuals do not have to worry about being…

Amundi names Valérie Baudson as CEO

Amundi has named Valérie Baudson as its next CEO, replacing Yves Perrier, who spent a decade building the French group into Europe's largest asset manager.Baudson, Amundi's Deputy CEO and responsible for the launch of its exchange-traded fund business, will take the reins in May. Perrier becomes chairman.Under Perrier's management, Amundi's assets under management and market value have almost doubled since its listing in Paris in 2015. Perrier said Wednesday he had "full confidence" in Baudson, who joined Amundi from Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux in 2008. "I know I can count on his support," Baudson said of the outgoing CEO. In addition…

Brazil adopts law giving autonomy to central bank

Lawmakers in Brazil have voted to give the central bank autonomy in a move aimed at improving the country's reputation among international investors by eliminating the risk of political interference in monetary policy.The legislation was approved by federal lawmakers in the lower house of Congress Wednesday after a nearly year delay after the coronavirus crisis and local elections.Under the law, the head of the bank will still be nominated by the executive and subject to Senate confirmation. But they will be legally protected from being fired by the government due to disagreements over monetary policy. As a member of a…

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