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MADISON - Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Mark Afable and the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Secretary-Designer Randy Romanski urges Wisconsin consumers to be wary of robocalls and suspicious sales calls before the new enrollment period on Biden Administration recently reopened enrollment for...

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Consumers earn a ‘D’ on knowledge about health insurance

Respondents to a recent survey were asked 15 true / false and multiple choice questions about health care. The average score? Just 10 out of 15. Americans may think they are getting better at understanding the health care system, but the facts say otherwise. Bend financially recently put 2,000 consumers to the test - literally. Respondents to a recent survey were asked 15 true / false and multiple choice questions about health care. The average score? Just 10 out of 15. While this should come as no surprise to advocates of consumer-driven healthcare, what may come as a surprise may…

Fox News will not change its political stance, says Lachlan Murdoch

Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch defended the company's financial powerhouse, the Fox News channel, telling investors that the network would go from "strength to strength" despite a decline in ratings after the US presidential election cycle."We fully expect the news audience to normalize and Fox News to continue to dominate," he said on Tuesday, announcing that cable channel boss Suzanne Scott would remain in a "multi-year" contract extension. Observers have questioned how the controlling Murdoch family would position Fox News during a Biden presidency after some Donald Trump loyalists jumped on the network after the November election, calling the vote…

Democrats say Trump was ‘inciter-in-chief’ of deadly insurgency

Democrats blame the deadly January 6 siege at the U.S. Capitol entirely on Donald Trump on Wednesday, in which he described him as an "inhibiting boss" and accused him of the "worst violation of the president's oath" in U.S. history. Like that trial against charge of the former U.S. president started in earnest, Jamie Raskin, the Democratic congressman who was the prosecution, reset Trump's inability to stop the uprising that left five people dead. Raskin said the evidence showed that Trump "completely abdicated his duty as commander-in-chief to stop the violence and protect the government and protect our officers and…

Interest in individual exchanges is the biggest trend in healthcare in 2021 – InsuranceNewsNet

Employer-based coverage will continue to dominate the health insurance landscape by 2021. But individual health exchanges can gain ground as more workers become freelancers and independent entrepreneurs. It was one of ten trends in health insurance and voluntary benefits that were discussed during a recent webinar by the Aite Group. Here's an overview of these 10 trends and what Aite's analysts had to say about them. Trend 1: Individual health exchanges are finding new interest. The rise of freelancers and entrepreneurs along with the rise in the number of unemployed Americans as the pandemic means there are changes in employer-based…

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