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The car loan market is rising as US car demand holds

While whizzy assets from Tesla to bitcoin have caught the attention of investors, an old-fashioned one has quietly had a strong run in the Covid-19 era: auto loans.The prices of bonds backed by car loans have hit several-year highs. The more risky triple B groups of auto-baked bonds are now trading at interest rates that are only 0.7 percentage points higher than treasuries with similar maturities, according to JPMorgan. The extra return on the world's leading risk-free asset has fallen by 0.3 percentage points from its previous lows in January 2020, before the coronavirus crisis began. Even when interest rates…

American health and health care is a mess: what now?

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India’s farmers set a long time when they laid Modi challenge

Chetan Rathi has twice voted for Narendra Modi, impressed by the Indian Prime Minister's tough stance on national security issues. Now the 26-year-old is among the tens of thousands of angry farmers who have camped on the outskirts of New Delhi in protest of the Modi government and its plans for a radical overhaul of India's agricultural markets. "Modi said 'save the country from external enemies', but now the land is being sold from within," said Rathi, who grows wheat, rice and sugar on his 30-hectare plot in Uttar Pradesh province."It will not be a market for farmers, it will…

Philip Moeller shares how Coronavirus exposed US Healthcare – CBS Boston

Photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster American health care costs approx. twice as much per. Person as in other developed countries, but is close to the bottom in quality measures. Philip Moeller, journalist and author of "Get What You Have For Health Care: How To Get The Best Care At The Right Price" (available now from Simon & Schuster, a ViacomCBS company)warns against losing sight of the fact that our national health spending is wildly out of control. And while the coronavirus pandemic revealed many of the system's shortcomings, a major health care reform seems unlikely in light of a…

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