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HEALTH TREATMENT: House Democrats Eye COBRA, PPE in Aid Push

House Democrats yesterday presented their proposal to subsidize health insurance premiums for coverage as part of President Joe Biden's broader incentive to help people who lost their jobs keep their health insurance coverage, reports Alex Ruoff. The relocations would only be temporary, with subsidies granted until October to help Americans keep their employer-backed insurance and strengthen Obamacare's tax deductions for the next two years. The proposal, unveiled by the leaders of the House Education and Labor Committee and the Ways and Means Committee, would subsidize 85% of insurance premiums to workers eligible for COBRA after losing their jobs or having…

Tensions are rising in Ecuador as election results roll in

Four days after the first round of voting in Ecuador's presidential election, a turnaround over a seat in a forthcoming final has caused original candidate Yaku Pérez to cry scams and raise the prospect of his supporters taking to the streets in protest.Pérez is locked in a knife-edge fight with a right-wing businessman Guillermo Lasso to make the decisive runoff in April against left-wing economist Andrés Arauz, who won the first round comfortably. Pérez withdrew on Tuesday and opened a lead of 50,000 votes - but by Wednesday it had evaporated. After leading by 5,000 votes, Lasso claimed victory, even…

Ursula von der Leyen acknowledges flaws in the EU’s strategy for Covid vaccines

The President of the European Commission acknowledged flaws in the EU's coronavirus vaccine strategy, but warned that failure to pursue a collective approach could have torn the Union apart by putting large Member States against smaller ones. Ursula von der Leyen told the European Parliament that the EU had been too late in approving some Covid-19 shots, too optimistic when it came to vaccine production capacity, and perhaps too confident that doses would be delivered on time. She added that "mistakes were made", which she deeply regretted when it came to the introduction of export restrictions, which had negative consequences…

The AHA declares UnitedHealthcare’s diagnostic policies, drug coverage policies

By Jacqueline LaPointe February 9, 2021 - American Hospital Association (AHA) er searching instant relief from UnitedHealthcare's new distribution design program that limits diagnostic providers on the network. The hospital group urged CMS to exercise its oversight of Medicare Advantage, Medicaid managed care, children's health insurance program and Health Insurance Marketplace health plans to prevent the private payer from implementing the program called the Designated Diagnostic Provider program. UnitedHealthcare recently introduced the program, which aims to ensure cost-effectiveness and the provision of high-quality care by covering outpatient laboratory services provided exclusively by independent or hospital laboratories that meet certain quality…

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