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Amazon must not interfere in the efforts of the US union, investors say

Amazon should stop interfering in workers' efforts to unite before a crucial vote in Alabama, said a group of more than 70 of its investors. Post-in voting began this week among more than 5,800 employees in Bessemer, a suburb of Birmingham, marking the first attempt by U.S.-based Amazon workers to vote for union representation. But an anti-professional campaign has been conducted through posters, text messages and mandatory meetings during working hours. A website has been set up to advise workers that union will mean "it will not be easy to be so helpful and social with each other".Amazon investors, led…

Ursula von der Leyen acknowledges flaws in the EU’s strategy for Covid vaccines

The President of the European Commission acknowledged flaws in the EU's coronavirus vaccine strategy, but warned that failure to pursue a collective approach could have torn the Union apart by putting large Member States against smaller ones. Ursula von der Leyen told the European Parliament that the EU had been too late in approving some Covid-19 shots, too optimistic when it came to vaccine production capacity, and perhaps too confident that doses would be delivered on time. She added that "mistakes were made", which she deeply regretted when it came to the introduction of export restrictions, which had negative consequences…

Bubble fears develop as China fund launches appeal to enormous inflows

Bubble fears grow as China fund launches attract huge inflows

China’s mutual fund business property surged 48 per cent to a report $3.1tn (Rmb20tn) in 2020 however enormous demand for brand spanking new funds is stoking fears that unstable investor inflows may spur a inventory market bubble.China is predicted to turn into the world’s second-largest asset administration market after the US this decade, offering an enormous development alternative for funding managers. UBS forecasts mainland mutual fund property may attain $16tn by 2030. Belongings held in US mutual funds presently stand at about $23tn. New fund launches within the US and Europe typically wrestle to draw buyers who refuse to make…

Health insurance company Centene has just reported earnings. Here is a number to look at.

Text size Health insurance company Centene experienced higher Covid-19 testing and treatment costs in the fourth quarter. Spencer Platt / Getty Images The cost of testing Covid-19 and treating Covid-19 patients outweighs the savings from canceled procedures, health insurance companies report. The health insurance company Centene (ticker: CNC) said Tuesday morning that its medical loss ratio- a key industry that accounts for the share of premiums spent on care - was the same in the fourth quarter of 2020 as in 2019 with 88.4% The results seem to dismiss notions early in the pandemic that Covid-19 would cut costs for…

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