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Your inquiries (health insurance): Some insurance companies have a ceiling on the cost of certain medical procedures

He may be asked to undergo medical checkup before the policy. Also check the applicable conditions such as maximum age of entry, co-pay, lower limits.By Prasun SikdarI am 64 years old and have an individual health insurance plan. I'm planning to have a cataract operation. My insurance company says it will pay a fixed amount that is half the amount that the hospital charges. What should I do?—Ajit KurupThis varies according to the insurance company's product guidelines. There are some that have a ceiling when it comes to procedures like cataracts. There are some who apply a mandatory age-based co-pay…

Clover Health feels it has the software – and now the funding – to capture the Medicare Advantage market

Andrew Toy, President of Clover health, says all the right things about the health insurance company specializing in Medicare Advantage, which is based in Jersey City - and the vast majority of it is business in the state - but has dreams of being a national player. To begin with, Toy does not necessarily describe Clover Health as a health insurance company. “We like to look after seniors,” he said. “We are less of an insurance company and almost like a healthcare company that takes care of people with chronic illnesses. Seniors have very chronic illness. We're trying to see…

Myanmar junta pushes criminal justice bill

Myanmar's military junta has drafted a draconian cybersecurity bill that has raised alarm among human rights campaigns and business groups to give authorities extensive powers over the Internet. The transition to police digital content came as thousands continued to protest in cities across the country against a coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi's government last week. The military takeover is condemned worldwide with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announces sanctions on junta's leaders and the freezing of 1 billion. dollars of Myanmar's government assets stored in the United States. According to the proposed law, online service providers in…

Twitter warns of slowing user growth when pandemic wave fades

Twitter's user growth was less than expectations for the second consecutive quarter, and it warned that it would also slow in 2021 as a pandemic-related boost disappears. The San Francisco-based social media firm said fourth-quarter revenue rose 28 percent year-on-year to a record $ 1.3 billion. for brands.Net income rose to $ 222 million. With a diluted earnings of 27 cents per. Shares. Twitters shares rose 3 percent in aftermarket trading. However, average daily active users - a homemade metric that counts the number of logged-in users the platform advertises - reached 192 million, an increase of 27 percent from…

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