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Edison, NJ - (SBWIRE) - 02/10/2021 - The latest released global private health insurance market study provides a critical assessment of key growth dynamics, new avenues, investment trends in key regional markets and the competitive landscape in different regions and strategies for top players. The...

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Public opportunity in the Biden plan could change U.S. health care

President Joe Biden issued 10 executive orders to fight COVID-19 on its first office day on January 20, 2021. Among these orders: Accelerate vaccine production, expand testing, support safe school reopening, and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in care and treatment. As a physician and health researcher and administrator at the University of Virginia, I agree that the biggest issue facing President Biden is stopping the coronavirus. But there is far more to America's health problems than COVID-19. Biden promised sweeping reforms of the health care system; what follows is perhaps the top 10. First, a short list City platform…

Democrats say Trump was ‘inciter-in-chief’ of deadly insurgency

Democrats blame the deadly January 6 siege at the U.S. Capitol entirely on Donald Trump on Wednesday, in which he described him as an "inhibiting boss" and accused him of the "worst violation of the president's oath" in U.S. history. Like that trial against charge of the former U.S. president started in earnest, Jamie Raskin, the Democratic congressman who was the prosecution, reset Trump's inability to stop the uprising that left five people dead. Raskin said the evidence showed that Trump "completely abdicated his duty as commander-in-chief to stop the violence and protect the government and protect our officers and…

New blow for London as euro derivatives trading flows out

Trading in a key market in euro-denominated derivatives flowed out of London last month to rival financial centers in New York, Amsterdam and Paris in the latest evidence of the blow Brexit gave the UK financial center.The trade in euro-denominated swaps in London fell from nearly 40 percent of the market in July last year to 10 percent in January, according to a study published by data provider IHS Markit on Thursday. The shift in trading in these derivatives - often used by investors to hedge against movements in interest rates and currencies - is another setback for London, which…

Myanmar junta pushes criminal justice bill

Myanmar's military junta has drafted a draconian cybersecurity bill that has raised alarm among human rights campaigns and business groups to give authorities extensive powers over the Internet. The transition to police digital content came as thousands continued to protest in cities across the country against a coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi's government last week. The military takeover is condemned worldwide with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announces sanctions on junta's leaders and the freezing of 1 billion. dollars of Myanmar's government assets stored in the United States. According to the proposed law, online service providers in…

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