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Millions of middle-income people have been shut out of Obamacare since earning more than $ 51,000. The $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package in Congress would make health insurance premiums cheaper. It would also gather most of the tab for COBRA plans to help laid-off workers....

(***)who are the cheapest insurance companies

(***)which insurance company is the cheapest

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Consumers warned of possible health insurance fraud

MADISON - Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Mark Afable and the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Secretary-Designer Randy Romanski urges Wisconsin consumers to be wary of robocalls and suspicious sales calls before the new enrollment period on Biden Administration recently reopened enrollment for potential new entrants to federal health insurance programs Affordable Care Act. This action has led to the emergence of potential counterfeit sellers in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Wisconsin consumers should only work with reliable sources during this enrollment period, such as their insurance agent, United Way's 2-1-1 helpline, or, ”Afable said in a press release.…

Philip Moeller shares how Coronavirus exposed American healthcare – Good day Sacramento

Photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster American health care costs approx. twice as much per. Person as in other developed countries, but is close to the bottom in quality measures. Philip Moeller, journalist and author of "Get What You Have For Health Care: How To Get The Best Care At The Right Price" (available now from Simon & Schuster, a ViacomCBS company)warns against losing sight of the fact that our national health spending is wildly out of control. And while the coronavirus pandemic revealed many of the system's shortcomings, a major health care reform seems unlikely in light of a…

Democrats say Donald Trump gave ‘clear orders’ to violent mob

House Democrats, who led the prosecution of Donald Trump by his prosecution, said the rebels who attacked the U.S. captiol on January 6 received direct orders from the former president in an attempt to burn down their case for his conviction. The attempt to directly link Trump's words to the actions of the mob that attacked Congress last month came on the second and final day with arguments awarded to Democrats for making their case against the former president in the Senate trial. On Thursday, House Democrats used the words of the rebels, who claimed to follow Trump's instructions on…

Toyota pulls away from global chip shortages with higher sales targets

Toyota raised its expectation of year-over-year profits 54 percent, saying they did not expect any major disruption to production and pulled away from a global pandemic-triggered chip shortage that has paralyzed the automotive industry.The Japanese carmaker overtook Germany's Volkswagen as the world's largest carmaker last year, better than competitors in both sales and profit margin in the last three months of 2020. The rally was driven by a strong rebound in all its key markets, including China and the United States. Its shares briefly rose more than 3 percent to the highest level since 2015 on Wednesday, after Toyota expected…

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