The Blue Shield of California created plan to administer 3 million COVID-19 shots per week by March

The Blue Shield of California will set up an algorithm to determine where COVID-19 vaccines should be delivered anywhere with the goal of being able to administer 3 million shots a week by March 1, according to a contract announced Monday which gives the insurance giant far-reaching powers to oversee the state’s distribution of doses.

The company will try to drastically upscale the number of daily doses, but this goal largely depends on the delivery sent to the state. California received just over 1 million vaccine doses last week from the federal government.

Blue Shield, which has a significant influence on state policy, will immediately work to centralize the state’s COVID-19 vaccination program after a slow start due to a lack of available doses, complex rules that dictate which Californians should be prioritized, and problems with data reporting.

The contract states that Blue Shield’s algorithm will prioritize vaccine distribution with “equity focus” throughout the state and will be updated based on vaccine availability and COVID-19 pricing. Few other details about the algorithm were available Monday.

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