The New York Stock Exchange president says the stock market is not a casino. Here is what academic research says.


With the wild moves in the stock of GameStop and AMC Entertainment or last week among cannabis producers, it is not illogical to think of the stock market as a casino. Here is what academic research finds. See the full story.

A Roman goddess inspired this couple to leave Seattle and retire to Italy, where you can live on $ 3,000 a month

Pros and cons of living in the Marche region of Italy. See the full story.

Oil futures reach 13-month highs as global equities advance with closed US markets

The rally in commodities, as some say, is the start of a supercycle continued Monday, and boosted the resource pool on Monday.
See the full story.

Pelosi says distrust is not a substitute for indictment after the Senate’s second acquittal of Trump

Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe, according to the new poll, that Trump should have been found guilty of inciting the riots on January 6 at the US Capitol – after 57% of senators voted to judge. See the full story.

‘If Big Dogecoin Holders Sell Most Of Their Coins, It Gets My Full Support’: Elon Musk

The price of cryptocurrency, which was on the verge of $ 50,000 over the weekend, jumped around to start the week. See the full story.


The long-term effects of the shift to virtual learning are unknown, say researchers from Georgetown. See the full story.

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