Tracking Monday’s icy weather


MONDAY: Spotty Freezing Rain. High: 30.

MONDAY NIGHT: Cloudy and icy. Low: 27.

TUESDAY: Icy Morning. Dry afternoon. High: 31.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 30.


We are tracking some very isolated and very spotty freezing rain for your Monday afternoon. This will result in a glaze of ice on roads and sidewalks for the few places that get it in the afternoon.

Highlights will be just below freezing on Monday.

Presidents Day Highs.png

In the evening, just at the end of the rush hour, several places begin to see the icy weather.

The freezing rain will be widespread Monday night and it will last for hours. So it will be pretty icy Monday night and Tuesday morning.


Some places like the Philly area and the Bucks, Montgomery and Chester Counties change to regular rain after noon. 2.

The freezing rain and regular rain ends Tuesday morning during rush hour, but it will still be an icy commute for much of the area because of all the ice we get overnight.

7A T.png

You can track the icy weather with our interactive radar. 69News Weather App sets radar right to your location.

The National Weather Service has many weather forecasts that give everyone a head start on the widespread icy weather Monday night.

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Tuesday afternoon we are dry. We even see some sun towards sunset.

The sky is sunny all day Wednesday.

Take advantage of the clearer sky on Wednesday night heading out to see Mars next to the crescent.

Drew Tease.png

On Thursday, an off-road vehicle and a small drone helicopter land on Mars. This will be the first time something flies on Mars, and NASA hopes the rover helps answer once and for all, was there life on Mars? The rover will look for ancient fossils in a dried lake.

Drew Tease4444.png

At home on Thursday we see more snow in the morning for a few hours. Then it changes to a bit of freezing rain to cause some ice on top of the snow.

Then the freezing rain changes to regular rain on Thursday at noon.

Then we just get rain rain Thursday night and all day on Friday. Temperatures enter the 40s for the first time in two weeks.

But the rain ends with a cold front, so the coming weekend is cold.

Look for sunny skies and altitude in the 30s this coming weekend.




Monday evening

Tonight Day2.png


Day 2 Prognose.png


Drew Tease4444.png


Drew Tease24.png


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Drew Tease67.png


Drew Tease6.png


Weekend Wx Fall.png


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