UK Coronavirus Variant can be up to 70% more lethal, new evidence suggests

That coronavirus according to a new variant, it is probably more deadly than the original strain assessment released Friday by British government researchers.

In the report, which evaluated several studies, the researchers estimated that the strain, known as B.1.1.7, could be 30 percent to 70 percent more deadly than the original virus.

Studies have already shown that the British tribe is more transmissible, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last month that it could also be “associated with a higher mortality rate.”

The assessment confirmed this concern, but the researchers also said more comprehensive deaths investigations would be needed.

Meanwhile, the more contagious variant has been circulating around the world and the United States. According to it, it has been discovered in at least 82 countries New York Times. A study published earlier this month found that the British variant spread so rapidly across the United States that the number of cases involving this strain was doubling every ten days.

“These findings show that B.1.1.7 is likely to become the dominant variant in many U.S. states by March 2021, leading to further increases in COVID-19 in the country, unless an urgent mitigation effort is implemented immediately, ”the paper said.

The study also said the British variant is 35 to 45 percent more transmissible than other strains spread in the United States. Researchers have also expressed concern that the variant could develop one mutation it would help it evade vaccines.

It is not yet clear why the British variant may have a higher mortality rate. Researchers have said that one possible cause is that people get infected with it could have a higher virus load, or more of the virus in their bodies, which is associated with more severe COVID-19, Insider reported.

This article was originally published by Business Insider.

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