Unlike other states, the Utah GOP does not plan to censor senator over prosecution

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Republican Party says it has no plans to censor Senator Mitt Romney for his vote to convict Donald Trump in the former president’s second indictment.

“As a party, we are focused on supporting our elected officials and uniting around the principles that got them elected,” party leader Derek Brown told FOX 13. “At this point, we believe it is crucial to focus on uniting. our party and work together to retain the new voters who joined the Republican Party last year, while bringing back those who may be left behind. “

The question comes as some of the six other Republican senators who voted to convict the president have been censored by party officials in their home states. The Louisiana Republican Party did so for Senator Bill Cassidy on Saturday, while Senator Patrick Toomey has been censored by several GOP committees in Pennsylvania County, and the North Carolina GOP is expected to vote Monday on whether Senator Richard Burr should be censored.

In addition, the U.S. rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming it censored earlier this month after her vote to accuse Trump in the House.

In a written statement, the Utah GOP later outlined Brown’s comments.

“The violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was horrific and unforgivable,” it read in part. “Utah’s U.S. senators each experienced these events firsthand, and then relived them during … the persecution presentation. In the end, each of our senators voted differently.”

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The party quoted a quote from Ronald Reagan that “within our tent there will be many arguments and divisions over approach and method … [but] thought unity does not require unanimity in thought. ”

The Utop GOP stated that while both Romney and fellow Senator Mike Lee have been criticized for their votes in the trial, their differences show “a diversity of thought, as opposed to the danger of a party being determined on” unanimity in thought. ‘”

“Disagreement is natural and healthy in a party based on principles – not on persona,” the statement continued. “We look neither at the past nor at being punitive.”

The party then stated that they look forward to the future and that they believe that sticking to their principles will keep those who have joined the party in recent years and even bring back those who have gone back.

While not a scientific form of data collection, FOX 13 asked viewers and readers if they would support a no-confidence motion. Thousands weighed Facebook and Twitter expresses strong emotions both ways. Besides, Salt Lake Tribune reported on a motion circulated online in support of a no-confidence motion in which nearly 2,300 people were signed.

After Romney voted to convict Trump of one of two articles on persecution in 2020, legislation was introduced by some Republican state legislators to censor him, but it was later dropped. Instead, they issued a quote thanking the then president for his work for the people of Utah. The effort aimed to maintain good relations with the White House amid an apparent fear that Trump might take some kind of action against the state in return for Romney’s vote.

Before the legislation was dropped, the then government said. Gary Herbert said at the time that he would opposes efforts to censor the senator.

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